Friday, 22 November 2013

New Book Published

Flitting through to say to anyone still subscribed to here that I have a new book, 'Digging up the Past', now available at Smashwords here.

It's also available at Amazon here but it's cheaper on Smashwords and I get more of the money.

It should also turn up at Sony, Apple etc soon as it has passed the vetting system at Smashwords and will soon be distributed.

I quite like the cover, and Tom made a cover for Forgotten Village to match,

Can I also suggest that you join me over on my new blog Sybil Witters On as I'm still not sure about this blog.  I'm pretty sure it is safe to click on these links (or I wouldn't put them up) but I feel a bit uncomfortable here.  It is the same old witterings on Sybil Witters On but just on a different blog.  All are welcome.

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