Friday, 26 February 2010


Little bear was a challenge this morning. He was not co-operating and he was not happy. I think the week has taken its toll on him with lots of early starts, a few late nights and of course last night he woke up at 2am.

Sigh. I will boast of what a good sleeper he is and it always leads to a broken night. So today he was absolutely exhausted and behaving accordingly. He was dragged to his bedroom around 11am. After a little play he went to sleep until around 3.30pm.

That was when I found out that I had left a large tub of baby powder in his room. It is now empty. 'Look!' said little bear, as if he didn't have anything to do with it. 'Powder!'. Sigh. 'I'll clean it up later.' I said. 'Clean it up now!' little bear was very insistent. He has a much higher standard of housekeeping than I have. Most of it is now hoovered up.

Not more trouble

The DVLA van is cruising up and down our street. Our car is boringly taxed and MOT'd just as it ought to be, but Nice Mr Next Door has sometimes cars that he is getting ready for MOT etc. Also cars that really ought to be taxed etc but are not yet. I don't really understand anything except that we have to pay out tax and MOT next May, I think, and it will be hopefully only a small chunk.

Also as this is a private road I am not sure of what is and is not appropriate.

I know last time several cars were removed after calls INSISTING the the DVLA come to our street. The calls were threatening all sorts if the DVLA did not come and seize cars. It is all very depressing. I am sure I will hear more later. I could name hearsay names, but for now I shall keep quiet.

On another depressing note, That Landlord is fixing up the house behind us. In a rather haphazard way, but he is 'doing things'. I worry because that means that darling father's room will be against their kitchen and affected by noise. I used to be able to hear the teaspoons in their cups when all else quietened down around midnight.

Of course, That Landlord is known for starting things and not finishing them off, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the house remains empty. If it was a decent landlord I would be less fretful, as I think there is nothing wrong with people trying to make a living. He just doesn't do repairs. Also the back of his pub is still half built as apparently he filed one set of plans to planning permission, gave a different set of plans to builders (who he then didn't pay) and eventually was working on a third set of plans that rather cocked a snook at the planning permission.

I do like popping next door for a nice cup of gossip.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lady Gaga

I was wondering what the fuss was about, and so I clicked onto Youtube, randomly choosing 'Bad Romance'.

Now as a lady trotting through middle age I don't think I am the target audience. I quite liked the tune, and I thought the costumes were a lot of fun. I probably won't buy the album. But not because I think the music was bad.

But it did set me thinking. My late grandmother was absolutely appalled by Blondie. I was quite a fan, but my late grandmother was disgusted. Looking back I feel that she felt she ought to be disgusted and dismissive. It was just after Punk Rock and there was such a division between the generations. Her sister in law, who had worn slacks all the way through WW2 and the fifties wouldn't wear trousers 'because one didn't' and wore a white cardi because everyone else did.

Now, thirty years later, I feel quite free to trot along to pick up little bear in a battered fleece, a well worm hand knitted sweater, a pair of jeans (unthinkable for my mother) and humming randomly Lady Gaga/Guns n Roses/Beethoven/Bandel. I don't think I would have ever quite conformed to a stereotype but I do feel now that there is so much less pressure to 'act your age'. I think that it is a tremendous liberation.

It's started

Little bear is watching the Cartoonito channel as I type. They are currently showing Fireman Sam, little bear's hero, so on it goes.

But Cartoonito is the first commercial channel little bear has watched (Classic FM doesn't really count). So far he doesn't seem to pay too much attention to the commercials but I have noted a few phrases that should strike terror into the heart of any parent.

'batteries not included' - an old classic
'accessories sold separately' - and the fantastic looking mountain in the advert which looks extremely poor in real life is £79.99
'collect them all' - and not only will you spend a fortune but you will be haunted by small, miscellaneous pieces of plastic forever. And those nameless bits of press moulded plastic will be instantly recognisable to little bear as the vital piece of equipment which he NEEDS so don't you dare throw it out.
'See the transformation' - you will, endlessly, as little bear demonstrates. Or worse, it will get stuck and you will be stuck between father and son as they twiddle endlessly with a shapeless piece of press moulded plastic. Which will then break.

And even I am getting caught up in the, 'actually that looks quite good.' Of course it looks good. People pay very good money to advertising agencies to get these things to look good. I need to be resolute!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

We have warmth

All radiators functional.

Hot water (just had first bath)


I have cranked up the thermostat where it will stay for an unfrugal length of time until the bones of the house are warmed again, then I can reduce it right down.

Absolute heaven.

The Postman delivers Temptation

The Lakeland catalogue arrived.

Lots and lots and lots of wants, but fortunately no needs. Actually I could probably make a case for needs, but not this month.

I put in an order for Approved foods. Plenty of goodies, but they will hopefully last some time.

Little bear was at nursery all day yesterday, and he is at nursery all day today. I miss him lots.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Well done me!

Today I picked up a mousetrap full of mouse and put the mouse in the bin. The mousetrap is a fancy burleigh & stronginthearm design, designed that you pick up the contraption, with the mouse's tail sticking out straight behind it, and then you go to the wheelie bin, and then you just press and the mouse drops out.

And then you hurry inside and just re-set.

I didn't think I would be able to do that.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hester - thanks, I am sure it will all come out in the wash and it makes a splendid conversation starter but I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

And I do realise that some people have it a lot worse. This is all just bits and pieces really, nothing that will be of moment next year. It's just stuff, life, what happens. I just wish it had been a bit spaced out.

I am REALLY looking forward to warmer weather lol. And I would really like the chance to be bored.

None of it is really out of the blue, well, not much. The boiler has been on my watch list for a while, and I had hoped to replace it this summer, in the warm. lol. The empty house at the back of us has been a potential target for a while, I have been expecting mice.

I will just have to see how it goes.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


This year, all seven weeks of it so far...

We started off with dear heart having appalling tummy upsets and little bear being full of cold and effectively house bound. If you could see the street we live in you would understand why we couldn't get out in the snow and ice. Then dear heart had to drive to and from work in dreadful conditions, sometimes taking two or three times the normal time. That was when the gear box completely failed.

Then I tore the ligament in my ankle. Three days later the central heating completely stopped working. Coincidentally that is also when we lost water as the scallies who tried to steal the pipes from the empty house at the back cut our water supply off.

That was when we started to get problems with mice, presumably disturbed by the disturbance at the back. Then little bear went down with conjunctivitis. He was very poorly but couldn't get the sleep he needed because his room was too cold for him to go to and I couldn't get him to sleep on the settee.

The immersion heater that should have kept us in hot water failed to live up to its promise. Baths are skimpy at best.

We have a broken dvd, heater and printer. The dvd has suffered a great deal from little bear, the heater was a cheap one and keeping little bear warm over night on low took its toll and the printer had been infested with mice.

Dear heart has really suffered from dreadful colds.

Little bear was nearly hospitalised last week with an extremely high temperature. He desperately needs more naps in his room, but the room is too cold. He wakes in the night when he kicks his bedclothes off and becomes cold. Before the central heating broke if it was on twice a day it kept the general temperature in his room above a certain level, as the room retained heat.

Evil cat is looking poorly again.

I think I am suffering from an advanced case of self pity. I wish there was less material to work on.
The fan heater that was warming little bear's room (from across the landing) is broken.

Edited to add - also the printer has broken.
The dvd player has broken. This may not be unconnected with little bear's habit of pushing and pulling the thingy you put the dvd on.

I would really like some good luck

Friday, 19 February 2010

Sunshine Sanctuary

I may have posted this already, but one the way to nursery one day we passed a big pit boarded over. I mentioned to little bear that a dragon may live there. This may have been a mistake, as little bear did not want to walk past the pit thank you so much mother, it may be a bit scary.

Sigh. The nursery is literally a few hundred yards away from us. We cross a busy road at a zebra crossing, which is very necessary as the road is very busy, then walk past the dragon pit and on to the nursery. Little bear is not impressed.

I did try to persuade him that Daddy had bopped the dragon on the nose, and the dragon had run away, but this had a lukewarm reception. Little bear can believe in dragons he has not seen, but obviously has doubts about his father bopping a dragon unless he saw it for himself.

On the way back from the doctors on Monday we passed a similar pit. I suggested to little bear that rabbits may live down there. He gave me a 'who do you think you are kidding?' look.

Well, today after a long break he finally managed to go to nursery, walked past the dragon pit with no more than a cautious glance and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mighty hunter

Dear heart was outraged to once again see a mouse, bold as you like, nibbling at the peanut butter on the mouse trap.

So he hit the mouse trap with a hammer. He was very effective.

This is the first known casualty of the mouse war (not sure about what evil cat has managed) but I am hopeful that it will not be the last.

Part of me is desperately guilty - if you could see how sweet and tiny they looked as they sit next to the fire pulling faces at evil cat through the fireguard, it seems so cruel to be trying to get rid of the uninvited vermin who potentially have brought in so much disease and have no doubt been widdling on my wiring. But I am managing to stay bloodthirsty.

Evil cat is worn out

I think the mouse is taking it's toll on evil cat. I am hoping it is the effect of the mouse, otherwise it is worrying. Her eyes are filling up with gunk again and she is drinking a lot.

I hope it is just a flash in the pan that will even out when central heating is restored.

Little bear is feeling a lot better

We took little bear to the doctors yesterday. The doctor kindly let me know that little bear was close to being hospitalised on Monday due to the extreme temperature he had. Although he was wandering around to the baffled disbelief of the doctor.

The doctor was happy that we stopped the penicillin (after little bear was so copiously sick) but prescribed new eye drops. Little bear did not want drops. It took both of us to hold him down, plus bribery with sweets to get the first lot in.

Then it got towards his bedtime. Dear heart mentioned the drops. "Eye much better." Little bear said persuasively, "drops empty - daddy make bottles, LB go upstairs'. He was absolutely adamant - drops were not needed!

When he woke in the night, after kicking off his blankets, the first thing he said to me as I tucked him back in was 'much better now'. In other words - no need for drops.

Little bear was once so good at taking his baby ibuprofen. I suspect those days are now over.

The dr was concerned that little bear's eyes were sticky, but he had just been woken to go to the drs, and his eyes had been fine the days before and are fine now. I may take my courage in both hands and ignore the drs instructions, though I will keep a close watch on his eyes and at the first hint of stickiness the drops will be back.

Little bear is much better. This morning it was tiring as he wanted/didn't want cereal, wanted/didn't want juice, wanted/didn't want milkshake - NOW! However he is on the mend and I am hopeful of him getting a much needed nap this afternoon.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sod's law

Today I broke little bear off from his Fireman Sam and Ceebeebies. There was a programme I REALLY wanted to watch and that I thought would do no harm for little bear to have on in the background - it was a dinosaur type programme. I explained to him carefully that mummy wanted to watch this.

The segment to the first break was when he was explaining in some detail about a plot twist in Fireman Sam. Then we had to break off and look for the little yellow lorry as little bear was inconsolable. That took us half way through the second segment. I took the opportunity to nip to the toilet, as it was becoming urgent and as a miracle little bear didn't take the chance to go downstairs on his own.

The third segment was interrupted by the people doing the boiler (they were supposed to be measuring up but they haven't yet turned up) and then, during the final segment, there was a knock on the door.

I defy anyone not to feel guilty when they open the door to a policeman. And this time it seems that the problem was that while I was using the bathroom little bear was playing with the phone on the landing and dialled 999. No wonder he didn't go downstairs on his own! They did ring back, apparently, but the phone on the landing has the ringer switched off (that is about to change) from when little bear was tiny and we didn't want to disturb him. So all the operator got was a little boy playing.

I am still appalled and embarrassed. We tried to explain to little bear, who just looked blank, and apologised profusely to the very nice policeman. I am now trying to consider the best way of preventing further diallings.

I managed to get to the repeated programme later, but that was less consolation than you would think for a policeman knocking on the door.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Just a little taste

Dear heart is outraged.

The traps were set with peanut butter as an enticement. To dear heart's appalled frustration he spotted a mouse happily nibbling the peanut butter without setting off the trap. This is not on!

Little bear's progress report

After years of sleeping through, being woken at 3.30am is not fun. But little bear needed his medicine, and he needed a cuddle and he needed a drink. I didn't mind.

Today has been challenging at times - food is too wet or too dry (sometimes both at the same time) or not tasty. Fireman Sam is the hero, but he can't bear to watch him. He is so tired and cranky, and achy, poor mite.

Dear heart, bless him, is working from home which has been a help as I have been able to pop out for things. And he has been great at nipping out for necessities for little bear when he can (he has been working hard).

Little bear has also expressed a strong dislike of his penicillin. This reached its peak tonight. He looked at it. 'No want - will be sick'. I reassured him that it would make him better. Well, actually he did seem a lot better after he had been copiously sick all over himself, me, the sheets and the carpet. Thank goodness dear heart was there to help out. Little bear is rarely sick, so it took us all by surprise.

We are stopping the penicillin, as dear heart is allergic to it and it really isn't helping if it is such a struggle. Also we have a drs appt tomorrow afternoon, so I am hoping that the dr can prescribe an alternative.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Missed targets

I think my targets have been shot down in flames. First of all the grocery budget - for the second time the budget has spilled over as I buy fruit for little bear, milk shakes for little bear, an ice cream for little bear... Poor little mite needs tempting and he will probably attack the fruit.

Tonight he attacked tomato garlic bread but ignored Smarties. I think I need to rethink my feeding strategy.

Then the ebay challenge. First the mouse traps. Then the sweeper. I've managed to hold out against any treats for little bear (just) and have been thankfully out bid on a pair of lamps that were actually just what I wanted but not what I actually need to get at the moment. I am seriously considering some comfort shopping, but I doubt it would do any good as I am now starting with a temperature.

I am off to go to bed, everything else can wait.

And another thing...

I have lost a filling. It doesn't hurt, so I shall probably ignore it for a while.

I'm going to have to, I don't feel I have any choice!

Hot and bothered

Writing this in brief as need to keep close eye on little bear...

Tonsilitis, ear infection, temp of 41, not happy.

Off to try and tempt him with icecream.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Through the bars

I wish I could have a picture of the absolute baffled frustration that evil cat displayed, her nose pressed hard against the fire guard at the mouse peeking from behind the mouse trap.

Ebay again

Little bear was sliding down the fireman's pole (handle of sweeper) and fell and broke it. It is not repairable.

So I have spent another £25 on ebay. I await the promised triangular, yellow, lightweight jobby that I hope has some suction.

It is so hard. I don't have the energy to trawl round finding a new one, all weekend all I have wanted to do is sleep and I need to do serious shifting of rubbish next week before the new boiler installation. So of course I pick it up off ebay. Sigh.

I noticed a large enamel tin with potatoes written on the side of it. It is likely to be quite mouse proof and I am tempted to get it. But not just yet. I think I will hold off from any purchase not absolutely desperately necessary. Just for a little while.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Mr S understands me

I got a letter from Sainsburys today. It said that because they had had to cancel a delivery due to the weather that they had arranged that I get double nectar points for my next delivery.

Because of the previous overspend the next delivery was due to be extremely parsimonious. But double nectar points...

Actually I am not sure how I would spend my nectar points, and I am trying to run a lot of things down, so perhaps I can resist this. Besides, the letter is dated 9 Feb, and my next order after that was 10 Feb so I may have already missed my chance.

Darn. And Phew!

Thursday, 11 February 2010


A mouse trap just snapped on my finger when I was trying to set it.

I deserve it.

Whatever next?

As I came home from taking little bear to nursery I noticed two burly men, one in a hi vis jacket and one with an identity card around their neck and waving a piece of paper around, knocking on Next door But One.

The people there are lovely, and it seems that they were out.

I have no idea what was going on, but the men made absolutely no effort not to attract the attention of anyone else in the street. In fact, short of jumping up and down with pompoms I don't think that they could have done more.

Of course I am consumed with curiosity. I wonder what will happen next! Actually, probably nothing. As far as I can see there was no attempt to ask whether the burly men had the right address. It's probably a sat nav error. Not as good for gossip, but extremely plausible.
Evil cat is under the computer desk.

A mouse has just run behind the monitor.

If there is a delay in posting further evil cat has happened
A mouse has just run from under the computer keyboard.

Evil cat is absent. I am not happy.

Little bear is helping by pressing the 'test' button on the mouse scarer. It sounds like martians are about to land.

I am quite ruthless about mice (in theory) and I am not happy about uninvited guests

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Too friendly

I am still buying things on ebay. It is so disheartening. But little bear needed pyjamas that didn't have a gap between top and bottom and with all the weather and health problems I couldn't get into town. I also think I may have got a bargain, but who knows? The ones that have arrived are GORGEOUS.

I bought rock salt - the steep concrete steps to our front door are a death trap if it gets icy again.

I bought black tomato seeds for darling uncle, so he could have bragging rights in his local. They were only pennies and he will pass them on (he really can't see seeds v well) and enjoy all the chat about it - developed in Siberia, apparently.

Last night I bought some mouse traps after dear heart assured me that he would deal with any remains. I am ashamed of myself for feeling squeamish, and I probably could do it, but I really don't want to.

Ebay is so useful for me, but it is also somewhat of a temptation as well. I shall rethink some targets - I need to curb spending, but being able to pick things up from ebay when I can't get out myself is a wonderful help.

Ye of little faith

I owe evil cat an apology. When I came downstairs this morning with little bear she was playing with a mouse. It wasn't dead. I thought for a moment, then ignored the whole scene to go downstairs to make toast, thinking all the time how impressive it was that evil cat actually caught a mouse.

When I came back up she had lost it. Later I shall have to check behind and under things to see if there are remains.

I didn't think she could catch a mouse, and I was wrong. However I was not surprised that she lost it. Hunting for mice is instinctive and evil cat has a malicious and evil streak. Killing a mouse is a learned skill and I don't think evil cat was ever shown. She may manage to become self taught, with opportunity.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


This week could have been worse. I was in the local newsagents and little bear asked for a magazine, with toy cars on it! I said 'no' as he had been v trying.

And I didn't sneak back later to get it either, though it occurred to me. There are heaps and heaps of toys and books and magazines around the house and he is not in need of another one. There are always magazines in the shops, so he can have one AS A TREAT later.

But now an early learning centre catalogue has arrived. It is sitting there, demure in its cover, waiting to be opened. I am not sure I dare. There are going to be so many things that I know little bear would love...

... and just doesn't need!


Deaf mouse

As aforementioned, we have one of those mouse deterrents thingies plugged into a socket less than five feet away from the computer desk.

Which made it even more irritating that a mouse climbed onto the computer desk while dear heart was there - to eat some of the seeds that came with the bird feeder.

Evil cat was elsewhere.

Monday, 8 February 2010

My weaknesses displayed

I really need to stop trying to chat to the current parcel delivery man. It just seems to baffle him.

He normally calls extremely early, often half way through a nappy, So I shouted happily, 'there's someone at the door, there's someone at the door.' and charge downstairs, open up doors and see him hiding under the peak of his cap. I am not sure what he expects me to do.

This was forcibly brought home this morning as he almost fled as I commented on the wrapping of the latest parcel. Poor man. I had bought some unnecessary yarn. It is completely unnecessary, and a moment of madness, from ebay, of course. Well, it arrived in immaculate condition, exactly as described and the poor parcel man could see exactly what I had bought, because it wasn't wrapped. It was ten balls of yarn, in their plastic bag, with no other covering. Not a sausage! One label had the address and another had the postage.

I am not complaining so much, however, as the poor seller actually lost money on the postage, and it was very inexpensive to start with. And part of me rejoices that the packaging was only the minimal. It is so frustrating to throw out/recycle layer after layer of packing. So I left glowing feedback.

Must remember not to talk to the parcel man.

Mouse strikes again

A mouse ran over dear heart's foot last night. He did not approve. So the mouse thingy was plugged in downstairs.

I am not entirely sure how effective it is. Dear heart slept on the sofa last night as he often finds it easier to sleep there when he is poorly, especially as he can put the fire on and the bedrooms are a bit cold.

Well, his sleep was broken last night. Evil cat was actually hunting. Now it doesn't necessarily mean that there was a mouse to hunt, and it is certainly no guarantee of any success, but at 4am it is surprising how much noise a cat smaller than my handbag and considerably lighter can make and exactly how much force she puts into using a person as a launching pad!

I hope she is a deterrent, rather like a Trident that can't launch. The mouse doesn't know she is elderly, creaky and not entirely all there.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Night wear

Last night, as the past few nights, I had to creep into little bear's room, quietly unlocking the chain and tiptoeing past all the trip hazards to put the covers over him - he only seems to fall asleep without them on.

The bed is, theoretically, lovely and warm for a little one. There is a folded blanket underneath the sheet, there is a duvet and a hand knitted blanket over him (after either myself or dear heart had crept in) and little bear believes in dressing appropriately for bed.

Last night he was wearing his long pyjamas, slippers (which he insists on wearing in bed, he seems to have a horror of bare feet), a thick dressing gown which he will only wear in bed and takes off as soon as he gets up, even if he is playing in his pyjamas, and the bucket on his head.

As a reminder, sister in law brought round some Halloween trimmings at Christmas because we hadn't seen them, and it included a trick and treat bucket vaguely formed like a pumpkin, with a pumpkin face. Little bear immediately put it on his head. Quite quickly we cut off the chin strap, I mean handle, as it was a choking hazard, and ever since it has been one of little bear's favourite pieces of headgear. And he now sleeps in it.

He looked so angelic in his sleep. I know I am biased as he is my son, but he looked so beautiful. Even with a bucket.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Waiting for the heating

Sue - I am slightly reassured that it is a while before the direct heating can make it, as it means that they are good enough to be busy. They seem very business like as well.

If little bear was not poorly it would not be a problem. However, we all are, so little bear can't play in his room as easily and has not got out to burn off energy nor gone to nursery. I think I am poor company for him, especially as my throat hurts to read him a story. However now little bear is feeling a lot better, and in a warm sweater and with a heater on the landing, he is causing havoc upstairs and giving myself and dear heart a much needed break. Over the intercom it sounds like he has an electric saw going, and I have never managed to pin this down. I do worry sometimes.

Dear heart's boss kindly lent us an oil filled radiator. Dear heart set it up, but he is not feeling v well, and I have just gone over and turned it up from 'frost free' setting. It is now making noises like a chip pan ready for chips - and I set my last chip pan on fire!!! Perhaps I should turn it back down.

Ebay is my close friend

I have purchased again.

I bought some diamonearly earrings, as a cousin's 'little girl' will be eighteen soon, and I wanted to get something small to go with the cheque.

And I bought some pyjamas for little bear. Little bear is actually in need of them. The t-shirt variety he has been wearing for the last few months are shrinking - I can't line dry or dry on an airer easily at the moment and tumble drying is bad for clothes - and he is also growing. I couldn't find what I wanted in Matalan, which were brushed cotton button up top pyjamas. So I turned to my friend ebay. I am relatively confident that what will arrive will be new and satisfactory and I purchased four pairs for £22. It is just too cold in here for him to have a gap between top and bottom.

My targets seem to be getting further and further away.

Oh dear

Dear heart, despite our best efforts, has now conjunctivitis. Or if not conjunctivitis something with the same symptoms.

I had to go into town so came back with egg custards and ready prepared fruit as invalid food - food budget sinking as we speak.

Little bear, however, is much improved, and I look forward immensely to him going to nursery next week.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Not old style, and not money saving

Some time ago I ventured £1.50 on a set from Matalan which was a plastic loo brush to use only when necessary (normally use the toilet duck thingy), two plastic beakers (v useful for toothbrushes etc) and a plastic liquid soap dispenser. I had planned to put some diluted basics shower gel in there, but I was using up a stock of liquid hand wash.

Little bear, being a little poorly and fussy, has been causing havoc in the bathroom (well, everywhere really) and I thought I could put some of my unwanted shower gel present from Christmas into the bottle with some water and make it little bear's special soap.

Making sure he was watching I got the (rather nice, quite expensive actually) shower gel ready and tugged to get the clip off. The whole thing shattered in my hand. One minute an inexpensive liquid soap dispenser, the next a handful of pieces of plastic. Little bear helpfully suggested 'glue, tape' but I had to explain that this was really broken and had to go in the bin.


And Lakeland sell a stainless steel liquid soap dispenser that dispenses frothy foam if filled with diluted liquid soap. This is considerably more than the plastic one as it costs £12.99 but is so desirable.


I can hang on and use the emptied container when I have finished one of my current liquid soaps, on offer locally very reasonably, but now I can hear that stainless steel hand soap dispenser calling to me.

Darn Darn Darn.

I may make the dispenser a reward for hitting a target, but I need to set the target hard enough.
The mouse thingy is not currently plugged in. We have a heater on the landing in the evening, to warm up the rooms and help little bear sleep (it gets his room up to a tropical 15 C which would be fine if he could be persuaded to sleep UNDER the covers). The heater is using the mouse plug.

Besides, little bear has found that the mouse thingy makes an amazing shriek if you press the test button. I found evil cat in a state of complete trauma after forcibly dragging him away from the mouse thingy.

I need to identify another socket for the thingy.

Being a mum

There are times when I feel a complete failure.

Today is one of them. Little bear is coming out of the conjunctivitis, the eye is almost completely clear. However he is still tired and 'fussy'. He needs a nap. Normally I would ruthlessly pack him off to play quietly in his room and wind down for a nap. However it is bitterly cold in there without the central heating, I can put a heater in there before hand to warm it up, but it doesn't stay very warm and I can't leave a heater with him.

I am sitting in the other room, freezing, and browsing things I am not really interested in because if I am with him then he is more likely to stay awake. I can hear him fighting sleep. On the other hand, I just rescued the phone from him.

I feel so low, that I can't get my little one to nap. Especially as he needs it, and I am sitting here shivering with only a marginal chance of him getting the sleep he desperately needs.
Fireman Sam (who I have seen far too much of) slides down a pole.

But the station is a single storey building.

I think I need to find new hobbies and outside interests.

Too cold

I don't know how I survived, brought up in a house without central heating!

Actually, I remember, I froze. I have always felt the cold and I suffer. And it would not be so bad. We have a gas fire in the living room, which does an excellent job. However I am stuck in the house, effectively in one room, with a poorly three year old and I am struggling.

If I felt a little better it would be easier, but I am suffering from the ankle, eye, throat and self pity lurgy. In this cold weather I do not want to take little bear out as he has a poorly eye. Yesterday was snow and today is cold rain.

I can't pop down to the icy kitchen often as little bear insists on coming with me and in his poorly state will say, 'what's this? what's this? what's this?' interminably as I frantically try and wash a few plates before he dismantles the knife drawer.

Also, while little bear is getting too old for afternoon naps, when poorly he benefits greatly from them. But I can't put a sick boy in an icy room knowing how unlikely it is that he will climb under the covers (or stay if put). I can't put a portable heater in with him - he is entranced by buttons and knobs and finding what he has set my washing machine to is an ongoing adventure. Efforts to convince him that napping on the sofa is good have been futile. And wearing. So by the time dear heart comes home little bear is pink cheeked and frantic with exhaustion (much like myself).

Boiler installation due 22 Feb - oh happy day!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I have just spent on ebay...

Exhaustion plays its part in this - but I got some Fireman Sam books, as he has a bundle of dvds but I would also like to read to him - not necessarily at the moment.


Spending is winning

As has been mentioned, little bear has snotty eyes, and is not happy about ANYTHING and it is NOT FAIR. Lack of sleep is showing (in me as well lol) and he is not sure what to do with himself.

Last night we managed to coax yoghurt into him. It was the eve before the weekly grocery delivery so I popped on and added...

yoghurt, bottled milkshake that he likes, calpol vapourisers (already have olbas oil in water on fire), baby nurofen...

Doubled the grocery total. Now, it was hovering around the £35 mark, and I was quite pleased, but the new total is disastrous.

I am going to keep the running total, and if I go into a minus this week then it is more reason to be meticulous next week. If I have a positive figure on 1 April then I will still get the dvd.

I am also tempted to get something for little bear from ebay. He has been really good in very trying circumstances. I will speak with dear heart about that - see if it is worth getting him a reward for being so brave. There is a function on ebay that gives activity for the last sixty days - when that is zero then I can get the storm kettle. However, I find myself bobbing on to ebay for all sorts, it is so useful. So I may set myself lesser targets.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I also have a snotty eye. I am not amused.

The dr has kindly given the diagnosis of conjunctivitis. LB is too shattered to move, but it is too cold to take him upstairs to nap, so I am off to try and coax him to sleep on my lap.

Poor little mite is almost falling asleep over the chocolate buttons that he insisted I bought and now is too tired to eat.

Also - I am desperate for little bear to have some time in nursery so I can get on with some things, but it doesn't look like this week. And of course I feel guilty for not wanting my little boy with me. Sigh.

Monday, 1 February 2010

A bit of good news

Darling father actually rang me. He said that he is getting stuff 'sorted out' and from what I can tell money was preying on his mind. He sounded a lot more optimistic.

All I can do is be there for him as much as possible.

Serves me right

I should never boast about little bear and his ability to sleep through. From three months he slept through, and now months and months go by without a peep between the all in wrestling bedtime and the 7am alarm nappy.

Except when I praise his ability to sleep.

Last night he was up at 1am, for cuddle, drink of milk, finding of Bob the Builder hat and rearranging of duvet. Then again at 3.30 for cuddle, sing, extra blanket, change of sheet and extra cuddle.

I am exhausted.

His snotty eyes are improving, but I think today he misses nursery, I have a drs appointment tomorrow morning.

All plans for today on hold.