Sunday, 31 January 2010

Plague strikes yet again

Little bear has snotty eyes. I would call it a cold in the eyes at first, but they are now looking very red, so possibly conjunctivitis.


Doctors tomorrow. Currently myself and dear heart are on double cuddle duty.

Poor mite.

(Also a tiny hint of self pity because I would love to get some things done around the house that are hard to do under the supervision of a toddler. Also I would love a trip to town by myself, and I have been planning taking little bear in to the Market again...)

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Marybelle - thank you for a huge hug, it really has helped.

Darling father is many things, but not reliable. He disappeared for a few years after my parents divorced in 1978. It is always a huge shock if he calls me. I have always been the one to make any effort. Before little bear appeared he rarely visited.

I didn't have a hero worship of my Daddy - I knew what was what from an early age. He is a lovely man to be with, but it really is out of sight out of mind and he blows with the wind.

So I may never find out about this latest episode. I am worried sick that he will not open up to his little girl in case I think less of him when actually I have quite a few bits of information from MSE and my work at the Court Service and as a Legal Secretary that may be useful, and I am also quite hard to surprise.

Before Christmas he came up, he was incredibly tense when I met him, but relaxed really quickly and had a good time here. I just wish he would come up again soon.

When I write stories I work hard to write characters with depth, but nothing is as layered as real life. Darling father has a certificate from the Fire Service from when he rescued a man from a burning building - I remember it happening as I spotted the smoke (I was about six!). But he cannot be relied on to be in the place he said he would next week.

Friday, 29 January 2010


Darling father rang. He sounded so low and so beaten down. He said he wasn't coming up for a few weeks, which is a blow.

He sounded like he was calling from a phone box. I haven't been able to get through to him on his phone. I don't know if he is staying at home or what.

Darling father is a character, but I suppose looking at his past performances I think there is an element of mental illness there. He is either king of the world, lashing the cash or shut down and stony broke. He has always got himself into such pickles, and often speaking or acting without thinking.

He won't tell me what is going on - I'm his little girl and I think he still counts me as around 12. Of course I am worried sick. I wish I knew what was going on - I could probably make a joke of it, or just take it in my stride. As it is I feel so lost. I just wish I could do something.

A light sleeper

Little bear was very tired last night and he just crawled into bed and went to sleep. In fact there was so little sound of playing/reading/singing that I actually peeped in.

He had gone to sleep wearing his Bob the Builder hat, with the light still switched on. I could see where his head was through the bed guard by the patch of light on the wall.

Rechargeable batteries are coming with my next grocery order (and included in the grocery total).

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sue - that is a lot for a budget! And youngsters that age have hollow legs! Dear heart's lunches are not included in my budget, but mine and little bear's are.

We don't drink much here, and we don't smoke thank goodness. I gave up nearly twenty years ago, and I am so glad. I thought cigarettes were expensive then.

Our biggest sin is takeaways, and a really nice Chinese has just opened near here. Darn. But we are getting a little better. Thank goodness - because I am going to include them in the £75 that I have set, and I am determined to stick to it.

I wish I was in bed

I have been boasting how good little bear is at sleeping - how silly of me!

Last night, well, early this morning, little bear had kicked off his duvet and was COLD. So first of all there was a cuddle and a fuss and a tucking up. Dear heart very kindly got a new bottle for him.

Little bear didn't want THAT bottle - it was too heavy. As it was the normal weight I had no idea. Then he wanted more books in his bed - but not that one - it had to go in the box and that one had to go on the floor next to it. Then he had to have new pyjama trousers, but not those. And not those. And he was hungry. My comment that he should try the bottle was not sympathetically received. And he needed a nappy change (he did!). And he needed 'medsin' on his sore finger - witch hazel gets dabbed on all sorts here.

The first half hour of cuddling and tucking was fine, but the second half hour of fussing because he was tired and fed up was not fun. I didn't mind in one way, I was certainly not wasting time shouting at him, but at least four times in half an hour I crawled back into my lovely, warm, comforting bed only to be dragged out by a plaintive, 'Mummy...'

And THAT bottle was drained to the last drip.

Trying not to spend

Last night I was drifting off to sleep considering Lent. I usually like to do something as well as give up something. My late mother did things towards the end as what with stomach cancer, chemotherapy, arthritis and dairy intolerance there wasn't that much that she could give up.

So I thought - I could read evening prayer to myself every night. I suppose I'll need a Lectionary, look on ebay - oh no! Well, if I do decide that and if I do need a lectionary (not sure that I will) then I can always go online to the CofE website. And that is much more money saving.

Also little bear has persuaded me to put new batteries in his little Bob the Builder pretend safety hat with a light on the front. Duracell last a maximum of twelve hours because he won't turn the dratted thing off. I know - rechargeable batteries from ebay - oh no! But I am confident I will be able to pick them up elsewhere and it is a great reason for me to get out of the house and get shopping.

Too cold

When I got into bed last night two things occurred to me.

The first was that my feet were so cold that it would make a polar bear put a sweater on.

The second was that there was a lovely warm spot, as if a cat had been sleeping there. Except evil cat had not moved from the fire all evening - this had been a very determined decision and no-one had been able to move her. So we may have a ghost cat. I hope it scares the mice.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Not really spending

Darling uncle is buying me some silicone cake tins.

It doesn't really count as spending - honest.


The pilot light has gone out on the boiler, and with the breach in the seal I don't want to try and relight it.


No central heating until something can be sorted out, in one of the coldest winters for years.


Also, little bear apparently does not feel the cold, and neither does dear heart but I REALLY feel the cold. I do try and get little bear to wrap up, but it is always purely on his terms.

Darn darn darn.

I shall sit under my slankit (thank you dear heart - perfect Christmas present) and knit.


Sue - you are exactly right about the bargains. I do most of my shopping online, but there are so many little tags saying 'bargain' that I am actually actively ignoring them.

How many are you buying for, Sue? I am only buying for me, dear heart, little bear and occasionally darling father. I am not including nappies in the total, but I will be using the grocery budget for evil cat's food.

When my ankle is a little better and the weather is a bit kinder, I plan to take little bear to the library on a Wednesday morning, and there is a butcher nearby so I plan to get my meat from there, if it proves to be reliable.

One of the hardest things I struggle with is that just because the label says 'bargain' it ain't necessarily so. Supermarkets fib. So often you can get the equivalent in the 'basics' or 'value' range so much cheaper. Also stockpiles are not always a good thing.

Next step is meal planning, but I think I will work up to that.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Perhaps not a good sign

We have been discussing boilers. British Gas is likely to be the most expensive, but their engineers are very good. For over twenty years the engineers have been a model of professionalism and expertise when we have dealt with them. The office, on the other hand, as I commented to the last engineer I spoke to, could not find their heads with both hands and a road map. They are the Nobby Nobbs to the engineers Captain Carrot.

So as complete numpties when it comes to matters technical, perhaps we should get British Gas to do the boiler, spending the extra money on knowing that we were getting a guaranteed service with a really good workforce and a defined complaints procedure. On Sunday we were persuaded to book a quote with one of the British Gas Salespersons, who will be coming round next Tuesday.

Which is why it was perhaps not a good sign when someone rang from British Gas this evening to see if we wanted someone to come round and quote for a new boiler.

If we do go with British Gas I am sure that the engineers will be brilliant, they will do a professional and competent job exactly as we require. However, booking the work, paying for the work and getting all the forms from the office will be Hell.


I have sent off for a Lakeland order - various bits and bobs. A lot of it is indulgence, but I am prepared to allow that.

Now I am setting myself a tough (for me) target - no ebay, Lakeland or Approved Food until April 1st. I considered this, and thought - what if I need to get something for little bear? Well, he has a clothes mountain, mounds of toys and more crayons and pens than most playgroups. It is hard to see how he could need anything.

What if I need something? Hmm, I have plenty of clothes, I don't really wear makeup, the usual sanitary products come under the grocery bill and it will be remarkably good for our storage if I don't buy any more clutter online.

What if the house needs something? Well, at the moment it needs a new boiler and that is rather a good thing to think about if I am tempted. I think after posting this I will get the fixings for a handrail from ebay, then that will be that.

My reward - I have wanted a storm kettle for a long time, they are expensive and completely without any justification. However it is good bait! I have wanted it for so long, and not bought because of the total lack of necessity, that it is a good target.

I am also aiming to keep total weekly grocery spend from 1 Feb to under £75, which is so much compared to the real experts, but a good target. If I manage to keep up to that for two months then I get a dvd that I want. Savings from one week get carried over to the next so I can bulk buy from Makro at times.

Wish me luck
We have water. I am quite relieved because I really have low expectations of That Landlord, and I am impressed that we have got the water back on so quickly.

Ankle continues sore, but is much improving.

Little bear continues in his man crush on Fireman Sam

I am weighing up whether to put in an order to Lakeland and then set myself a strict target, or wait until I have hit the target - if I do the Lakeland order first then I will set myself a stricter target. I could do with some bits from there, but perhaps I could manage without.

And I am COLD. There seems to be a chill in my bones.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Possibly not spend

The Lakeland catalogue arrived today.

There was soooooooo much that I wanted in it - but nothing I needed.

I hope I can continue this resolution.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

On the bright side

Little bear always cheers me up. I was crying with pain this morning and he gave me a lovely cuddle.

He has a man crush on Fireman Sam, and now whenever FS goes into action on one of the interminable dvds little bear takes off the bucket on his head (he sleeps in it even!) and firmly places it back on. Then he gets the sweeper and pretends to slide down the handle as if it was a fireman's pole. Then he runs his toy fire engine right in front of the screen.

It is incredibly cute.

And another thing...

We have a tag on our boiler saying that we use it at our own risk.

I bet that this doesn't count as working for the scrappage scheme

AND if the mouse under the computer desk runs up my leg they will hear my scream from Lands End to John O'Groats.


In the last six months we have had to pay out for a new washing machine, a new computer, a new laptop, a new clutch and we also purchased a new tv which was only mildly necessary because the old one was big and heavy and little bear was pulling on it.

In the same period we have been visited by teeth, swine flu, iffy tummies, scabs on throats and now a torn ligament.

I want to be bored.
Smiffy - I am not having a good time!

The reason we have no water is because our water comes from the (empty) house behind, and three young lads were stealing the copper.

We thought the bumps and bangs were from That Landlord getting someone in after hours on the cheap - this is very plausible.

The local constabulary now have them in hand, but we still have no water, and while it is in no way That Landlord's fault, I have very little faith in him sorting it out. I hope I am wrong.


Spending again

We need a new boiler. Something to do with the seal. And the blown thermostat. Also, it seems they stopped making the model of our boiler in 1984.


Also we have no water. I am suspicious that someone in the house leading to ours is robbing copper piping. This property belongs to That Landlord. The loss of copper piping to him is not in itself a grievance - but we need water!

I am not having a good time.


The nice man from British Gas came yesterday to service the boiler.

Now the central heating doesn't work - and there is currently no hot water.


Call made, they should be out soonish, all will be well.

Of course, I do have the vivid memory of a British Gas engineer forcibly trying to rip out the seal from the unit and being defeated. Our elderly boiler keeps soldiering on - and we are not buying another from British Gas.

Sigh. I wish I was a little less suspicious.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

A Knock on the Door

Dear Heart had retreated to bed.

There was a knock on the door - I had forgotten that I had booked the gasman to service the boiler (routine) today. He came, took pity on my foot, did the boiler (I think - out of sight), tried to fix a radiator, accidentally turned off the television and confirmed that the boiler was in excess of twenty years old and in need of scrappage. He was very nice.

I daren't try and get the television on - it is dear heart's pride and joy. It is solely up to him to sort anything out.

Little bear 'helped'. I have banished him to play in his room as, for one reason and another, I have run out of ability to cope. He sounds like he is having a marvellous time and judging by the yawns he may even nap, so I am only feeling mildly guilty.

I know plan to go away and rest.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Poorly foot

The ligaments round my ankle have been wrenched, some have torn and bled into the joint.

Rest, keep elevated, no strapping, move occasionally - should be fine within a few weeks. I went to a minor injuries unit and they were very good. It was clean, pleasant and helpful. But a few weeks...

I don't want to wait a few days, I want to be better now.

And with the sore throat I have, I declare myself suffering from Foot and Mouth

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fell downstairs

Hurt foot

Posting may be erratic

Little bear much improved

Discretion is the better part of valour

I was sitting at the computer trying not to buy yarn when I heard some rustling behind me. I considered that it may be evil cat, then possibly mice. I ignored it. I believe that the mouse repeller is working with reasonable efficiency and I don't want to get involved with a demarcation dispute with evil cat.

Then I heard squeaking! How dare rodents come into my home and squeak! I got on my hands and knees, peered behind a chair and decided they were either in or behind a bookcase.

Then I realised something. Little bear was asleep (FINALLY!!!!). Dear heart had come home early poorly and was having a much needed sleep. If I did, by some outrageous stroke of luck manage to spot the invader my instinctive reaction would be - to scream! This would not be helpful. And even if I didn't scream I could not imagine me doing anything constructive - hit the poor creature with a hammer? Grab it? Corner it for evil cat to deal with?

I have come back to the computer and I am considering more yarn.

Little bear is not lively

Little bear is doing wonderful ghost impressions - tired white face, big dark eyes and drifting around in a daze. He is also being v awkward about eating and drinking. So far he has managed some chocolate milk shake.

Poor little mite. I bundled him upstairs in a desperate hope he would have a nap. He has been playing quietly, which is almost as good. He told me completely piteously that he was hungry.

Ever felt like a bad mother?

I was standing looking at him. He was looking absolutely completely exhausted. He needed a nap. As for the hungry, I had been trying to coax him for an hour to eat more than a spoonful of custard that he described as 'tasty'. He was probably hungry. However it was likely that once he got downstairs he would continue to not rest and not eat. So I left him.

Once he realised that he was not going back down he waved me off, impatient to play with his cars. I have been sitting here in a guilt trip ever since.

Now I need to go and drag him downstairs and try and convince him to just have something

Well, he has asked for weetabix, and then not eaten it. He has asked for yoghurt, and then not eaten it. He has asked for soup, toast, sandwiches and treats - and then not even tasted them. I am racking my brains on this one.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Questions I ask

Why can't I just get little bear changed or get him to use a potty without a screaming, wriggling, squirming all in wrestling bout?

Teeth continue sore, nappy rash fading faster than little bear's memory of it, sleep elusive

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

knitting magazines

One of the knitting magazines that I have recently purchased (I want to try and cut down on them) had a note - March issue published 26 January.

I know magazines work to their own timetable, but really!

Spending again

The clutch on the car has gone. This is likely to be expensive.

And poor dear heart has to drag himself all around the public transport system for days. The garage, trusted, won't even get to look at it for a few days, then it is a day's job (apparently).

Well, dear heart really wants a simplified, more frugal life, and this is a good as impetus as any to start. I think it is a great idea. I just need to stay focus and I believe we will be a great deal happier and a great deal healthier.

Declutter - epic fail

Dear heart did two runs to the tip yesterday.

Then darling brother arrived with a quantity of bin bags - he is moving and there is a lot of stuff left over from my mother (including a lovely stash of wool).

We ended up with more than we started with. Poor dear heart, all that work all set back, and he had been working like a hero. He really does deserve a medal.

complicated knitting

I have been tempted to try a scarf pattern I found in a magazine. For those who are interested, it has reverse garter stitch.

You knit so many, then purl so many, then knit so many, the pattern is for a diamond shape, and next row you knit the ones you knitted last time and purl the ones you purled last time, it is a remarkably subtle effect, which is rather wasted on me.

I shall try it with some stripes, and I may be able to manage to post the pics!

I am getting very into all this experimental knitting, but I really think that I need to do something with it.

Lurgy continues

Little bear is still not feeling well. I coaxed him in to nursery where he was well behaved but he didn't eat the crumpets - and he loves crumpets! Today I didn't have the heart. He is tired, pink cheeked and listless. I am also just about at my wits end trying to change his nappy (he is resisting with extreme resolution) and to get him to eat and drink. I am keeping going with the baby nurofen and fingers crossed he will be fine soon. There are no further spots, and the consensus is teeth. He points at his mouth (dore mouf) and rubs his fingers over the back where molars would come through.

A Fireman Sam dvd arrived in the post today, which may be a complete lifesaver, and I am keeping him warm and cuddled. I am here because I was hoping he would be tempted to snuggle up on my chair and sleep - no such luck so far.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Poor little bear

Yesterday the nursery suggested that little bear might be teething (again!). He has v rosy cheeks - actually at both ends because is nappy rash is extremely aggravated. He is a bit off colour and a little off his food. He complained that his milk was too wet.

Today he was very off colour. His nappy was a battle field, his cheeks were scarlet and he was struggling to stay awake (I actually got him to doze on me for a little while, but he was fighting it). He was in bed and asleep by 6.30pm.

And he has lumpy spots on his hand. On one hand it would be great if he got chicken pox over and done with. On the other hand - I hate seeing my little bear poorly.

Though to be honest, I would not be surprised if he bounced back tomorrow. Possibly very early tomorrow. Poor little bear.

Friday, 15 January 2010


I started writing this post three days ago, but little bear hears the sound of keys tapping and 'want to play letters' ie type on the keyboard.


I've not done very well so far this month in keeping my grocery bills down. Everything seems all hit and miss, and I can't seem to get into a stride. Most of my spends are the Sainsbury delivery, once per week. Except there has been too much weather. One delivery was cancelled and then another was a lot more than I wanted to spend but I got stocked up on some things. Then dear heart picked some stuff up at Makro, including 48 tins of baked beans, which has thrown me out even more.

Now I don't know with the next order whether to stock up a little more or less, what to order, what to leave off... Then at some time in the next week or so is my birthday, which I suppose I ought to get something in for, but I can't really be bothered. I want to get in lots of fruit and veg, but I don't want any going to waste...

I am determined that I will actually start again in February and by the start of Feb I will do a real audit of what is in and what needs to be used up.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Should I or shouldn't I?

I am not a keen gardener. Au contraire. On the other hand I am the most enthusiastic gardener in the household, though dear heart actually does more. Little bear has yet to try and eat worms.

Last year I didn't do v well, but even I would probably have done slightly better if there had been fair weather. However little bear managed a few tomatoes.

You see, for me, growing things in a garden means veggies. I am not sure where this instinct comes from - my parents had a very nice garden with flowers in. My mother didn't garden much. Darling uncle has a huge garden, and he grows veggies, so perhaps that is where it comes from.

Besides, I want little bear to see what it is like to eat food you have grown yourself.

So, in a garden smaller than some American cars, I plan to grow some tomatoes, some peppers (half way decent weather and they will come through) and some runner beans up a fence (not expecting much from them). And some herbs.

I don't have safe window sills. Any window sill laden with pots with seeds in is destined for an early visit from evil cat or little bear. Possibly evil cat being chased by little bear. So it makes sense to buy plants rather than seeds. Though little bear and I will be doing our best outside with a pot, some radish seeds and some spring onion seeds.

I could order the plants from Dobies now. But for once my spending button isn't primed. I suppose it is partly because underneath the snow, slush and ice there is a lot of rubbish to clear up. Sigh. Five minutes a day would have that garden pristine. I am confident some American houses have bigger bathrooms. And by the time you take into account a flourishing rosemary, a rather feeble rose, a buddleia (sp?)which has the vigour of its kind and has to be hacked back in lumps, an extremely hardy, spreading hydrangea, lack of light and a lot of concrete, well, how much room is there?

Well, there is definitely room for tomatoes.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

When is a cat like a pony?

When it is a little hoarse.

Evil cat has, I think, a sore throat. Her normal malevolent grackles, the feline equivalent of Millenium hand and shrimp, are currently little squeaks. This is cute. However I am not going to try and give her lemon and honey no matter how humorous her expression.

I rather hope that it is the result of a mouse going down the wrong way, but probably more to do with a swearing contest with the local magpies.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Spending again

Well, I have visited my friend, ebay, and purchased a small fan heater to heat the bathroom (from the landing - away from liquids) before little bear's baths, also a quick blast to heat any room but not as a way of keeping warm. Also a convector heater to replace the one that I had used to try and warm little bear's room, and the plug had become hot! That worried me. As the convector heater had not been hugely expensive and was fifteen years old, I was happy to replace. Then there was a replacement bedside lamp for me as little bear had finally finished off his so he is now using mine (extremely low energy, acts as a nightlight). And the scales to replace the ones that little bear broke.

Now I want to get a table lamp for near dear heart's seat. The odd way the room works means that even with quite a bright bulb in a white shade he can't really get enough light to read.

How hard is it to find a lamp? Well, all I will say is that I don't know what I want but I will know it when I see it. I have some wooden dragons on the wall - very fake Victorian gothic, but actually quite acceptable. I want something that will fit with those but not take up too much room - and the gorgeous black glass goblet was out because apart from the lack of light, I don't want little bear to be too close to a glass lamp.

And the Burleigh and Stronginthearm ones with carved ammonites that actully don't look dreadful are about £150 more than I would be willing to pay! Also some of the more elegant - I saw some I thought would be perfect, but I think I am being extravagant at allowing £25 for a lamp and these were £275 - two hundred and seventy five pounds.

I shall keep browsing

Sunday, 10 January 2010


There is a mouse in this room.

Evil cat has finally noticed.

This morning I put on the new 'mouse scarer' and it says that it interferes with nervous system. I joked with dear heart that evil cat might actually be able to catch a disorientated mouse. One that had been on darling father's Grandad juice.

To the best of my knowledge evil cat has never seen a mouse. However she is a cat and evil, I think the instincts are there. The trouble is that cats have the instincts to hunt, but not to kill, that is why cats bring in live prey, to teach their humans how to kill or because they need to be taught how to kill. I don't want to have to put a mouse out of it's misery, but I don't want it widdling on the wiring.

I think I shall go to bed and worry about it in the morning.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Not sure what to do

Little bear cozened me into taking up his set of 258 colouring items (still nearly complete!) up for him to play with. Of course I ended up sitting on the floor putting the bits away.

I couldn't stand up. My legs hadn't gone to sleep, there was just not enough strength to push up. There wasn't anything I could easily grab to pull myself up, so I crawled across the floor to the doorway and shuffled round. There are two steps going down from little bear's room and then the flight of stairs proper on the left. I swung my legs down onto the little steps and I was able to stand up, walk properly, drag little bear downstairs, feed him fruit etc.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. I have always put it down to being unfit/overweight/middle aged. But I haven't been like this for a few months, and I am worried. Perhaps I ought to see a doctor - snow permitting. Can anyone reassure me that this is normal? I don't want to waste a dr's time.

Darn and poot

I have just realised one very good reason we can't have home made bread tonight, from the breadmaker. Little bear has broken my scales. I may need to improvise - it could be fun!

Weather continues cold

I am in a warm(ish) house, with heating and light. With my track record of slipping in the snow, dear heart has asked me not to go out.

We are running low on a few things. Dear heart didn't like me stockpiling, but now it is a bit awkward for me as I don't have a very good store cupboard.

Tonight we are having soup made with a ham bone, split peas, barley and onions (very Anglo Saxon) with home made bread. The soup is in the slow cooker. If little bear carries on being an imp of mischief then we have have to settle for crackers instead of bread.

The hardest thing is that we have run out of fresh milk. We have some UHT, but I haven't had a chance to check it, because little bear would never permit me to go out of his sight. Hopefully I will get a chance to check it when he naps (if it happens). It has been there for some time.

Finally happened

Last night, as I was in the bathroom doing what one does in the bathroom, a mouse shot under the bathroom door, was obviously appalled at what they saw and did a handbrake turn right and shot behind the bath.

I was not amused.

On top of trying to keep a bored little bear (who really needs naps) occupied today I shall have to try and check stores for mouse proofing.

I am not taking this as a comment on my appalling housekeeping. More a comment on four empty houses at the back of us, one of which is under reconstruction and all the yards are full of rubbish. This is compounded by the current cold snap.

I have ordered a repellent from my friend, ebay, and I hope that will help.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Little bear 'helped' me make a cake. I am not even trying to get him to nursery today, and I am not mentioning the 'n' word just in case.

So to keep him busy we made weetabix cakes, which little bear regarded with an eye of ownership - his face crumpled when I donated one to nice mr next door.

So then we made some coconut bread... Flour everywhere and the kitchen is worse than ever.

Not entirely sure about the new silicone loaf tins, the bottom doesn't seem to cook the same way, even though I rest them on trays in the oven.

Also Mr S not delivering today. We are almost out of milk! I shall rummage round and see what is in my cupboards.

Less to worry about

Darling father got home safely - I was so relieved.

And little bear has found my washer balls and is happily playing with them.

I am planning to settle in and stay warm.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I worry

Darling father has gone home by coach.

He is going from Leeds coach station to Cheshire - taking the route that has been the worst affected by snow. I couldn't persuade him to stay.

I worry so much. It is not just an extremely iffy journey. He said he HAD to get back. It was non negotiable. It is like he didn't have a choice. He has happily stayed longer before.

I suppose I need to stop worrying, darling father has been on this world so long now, he must know what he is doing. But I am not sure that he does.

Evil cat suffers

Evil cat has something of a problem. She is not happy about all this cold business. Now she is in a house, with double glazing, relatively warm and with a very dense coat. She is not in a shed with a draft and central freezing.

Today, as little bear was in nursery and darling father and I were not doing anything in particular, I didn't put the central heating on. We just had the (quite effective) gas fire on in the living room.

So evil cat wanted to be in the living room. But that was where little bear was. And little bear kept chasing evil cat...

Darling father and myself kept wearily repeating to little bear to 'leave that poor cat alone' without significant effect. On the other hand, it did seem something of a demonstration of karma as evil cat behaved exactly like little bear to our old tom cat. It was very hard for me to feel sympathy for her as she had dished so much out in the past.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Not very MSE

I tried to be very MSE old style today and wiped some windows with a vinegar spray.

They are still smeared (little bear was supervising) and all I can do is smell salt and vinegar crisps. Darn

A pause

Darling father is at the Hangover Arms. Little bear is at nursery (he was even acting shy - unheard of!) and all is quiet.

Earlier darling father went through the slippy, icy snow and got a paper. Little bear was looking out of the window. 'Slip!' he announced. 'Grandad slip!'

I looked out of the window - no sign. Perhaps he had fallen and couldn't get up. In agonies of apprehension I skidded (literally) out of the house and checked. He was fine. Little bear had been imagining things.

Getting from A to B

Outside, associated loosely with Nice Mr Next Door, are five cars, one caravan, one burger van and a sofa on a trailer.

Lots of people, it seems would get upset at this. But he always leaves space for dear heart to park, he is a wonderful person, a great neighbour, unfailingly indulgent to little bear (quite a key point) and incredibly helpful.

And he likes a gossip as much as me!

I can live with the cars.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Perhaps not

Tonight we finally had our Christmas pudding - after I insisted on a snack tea. I insisted because I found last year's Christmas pudding and decided that it was ridiculous.

Darling father couldn't understand why I would let little bear have any of the minimum 2% brandy butter. It is one thing I do feel strongly about - little bear has a very small body mass and a liver that is still developing. A large dollop of the hard stuff is not what I want him to have. I really do not want to give alcohol to little ones.

However I am considering turning to gin.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Not spending

The day before yesterday I didn't buy a knitting magazine. I am quite proud of this.

I am currently resisting Fireman Sam merchandise, as that is little bear's current hero. Last night dear heart rescued some cars that had fallen behind a unit. He was promoted to Fireman Daddy and I don't think he had ever been prouder.