Sunday, 25 January 2009

Little bear climbs

Little bear is getting far more active. He has just had his second birthday, and aged me several years.

The first I knew that he could climb out of his cot when there was no other furniture around was when I heard him singing to himself one morning, then a thud and an anguished cry. I shot into his room, and really I honestly believe he was more cross than hurt - it shouldn't have happened like that and he wanted to play!

Once we managed to find a gate to go across the oddly shaped door, he was in a bed. Those nights between the mountaineering expedition and the fitting of the gate were dreadful. One or two I actually spent in with him, and the others I was waking up anytime a pin was dropped in the surrounding three miles. Little bear was, of course, fine.

He did manage to get out of the room at one point (I think he climbed over a pile of toys in his play pen before we managed to get the gate on his room fitted) and I found him one floor up, crying because he couldn't work out how to come down.

When I informed dear heart, he went upstairs to check and sure enough there was clear evidence that little bear had had a good play in the top bedroom. What I hadn't realised was that he had also completely trashed the spare bedroom also. Thank goodness he avoided the bathroom.

He also regularly climbs up the north face of his high chair, up onto the backs of chairs, up onto the tv unit... I was told that when he had his first big bump he would learn a little caution. He hasn't.

Evil cat and how she is

What an embarrassing lacunae in my posting. Well, I am just going to try and fill it bits and then be a little more dedicated.

I think the first thing is to give an update on evil cat, as she is trying to sit on the keyboard as I type.

She is in the very very very early stages of kidney failure, and thus on a special (expensive) diet. I do trust my vet, they are lovely and are very competent at dealing with over anxious owner syndrome. That means, regrettably, that if they say it is kidney disease, that is what it is. It is sad to see her, however, because she is starting to lose a little weight and she didn't have that much to lose. She is also getting very smelly and her tummy sounds like a special effect sometimes - not what you want when she is trying to sit across your throat.

She is also a little more clingy. What is sad is that she has always slept downstairs, but now she cries in the night - not pain but lonely. I daren't let her up in the night, I need some sleep, but I do feel for her.

She is, regardless of the diet, getting inexpensive dolphin friendly tuna tomorrow. Tonight she was cornered by little bear and he grabbed a handful of fur. Evil cat just cowered, and I wouldn't have blamed her if she had scratched him. Of course I told him off, with the usual effect, and he is usually good, but for an evil cat, she behaved pretty well.