Thursday, 3 October 2013

Alleged Duvet Day

Yesterday my new ironing board was delivered.  My ironing pile is still high enough to worry Health and Safety officials but it has shrunk.  Sometime ago I got to the bottom of a long standing pile, and I suspect that I will be able to sort out a lot of stuff again when I can find the will to finish the job.

When the ironing pile has diminished a lot more I will be able to get some units put together that have been delivered but are not yet assembled.  Then I will have places to put some of the stuff that is currently heaped. Not having places for eg sheets is a problem.  Then I can get in and sort out the walk in cupboard.  This will start acting like a proper pantry and allow me to move a lot of kit out of the kitchen where it is again heaped.  Once there are places for everything in the kitchen then I will be better able to keep good order there.

Mind you, a lot of the stuff will need to go into my room which still isn't sorted.  It will be, though.

It's a work in progress.  I am optimistic.

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