Friday, 4 October 2013

Paying attention

If I had paid attention properly to the invite I would have noticed that the Very Important Birthday Party bear is going to tomorrow is Fancy Dress.  As tomorrow is interesting logistically, involving leaving bear with my sister in law, who will then take bear to the party, while father is at home while I worry, I shall be banging on Matalan's doors at 9am praying that they haven't run out of Halloween costumes.

Father is driving me nuts.  He went on the bus to a local shop today.  He was exhausted afterwards, but he will be out and about regardless.  He is convinced he will be fine on his own and as we were supposed to be having the weekend away he is very firm that DH and I should have a day out.  I shall worry.  He shall watch football, have a few whiskies and probably wander down to the Methodist Church to attend a 'do' on tomorrow evening.  I wish I was exaggerating about my father.  He has been really poorly, and now he is easily tired.  He is just not slowing down.  There is nothing I can do.

So I am going to distract myself by worrying about the costume.


Angela said...

If you have had no success in Matalan, go over to Martha Stewarts website and search for Kids costumes - she has lots you can make from random household stuff

Wannabe Sybil said...

Bear eventually picked up a superman costume but I am bookmarking that page! Thank you! WS xxx