Thursday, 27 June 2013

Another iron bites the dust

Actually it might be possible to save the iron, but it is looking a bit unlikely.  I knocked the iron off the ironing board this morning while it was still hot.  It fell onto a carrier bag.  The mess is very pretty but I can't seem to get it off.  I am also a bit wary of using an iron that has been dropped, and it was getting a bit limp.  The soleplate is getting gunked a bit easily and it is all getting clogged.

I need to have a working iron to get bear's uniform and DH's shirt fit for tomorrow.  I think I will use the iron that I bought accidentally last year and work on the gunked on to keep in reserve as an emergency spare.

Anyway I need to get to grips with the latest acquisition that arrived yesterday.  It looks fiendishly complicated, should  be relatively inexpensive to use and comparatively healthy.  It is an 'oil-less' fryer so I have ordered extra oil for spraying and we will be having chips with everything for the next month.

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