Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ticked off the list

Today I really, really, really needed to get some ironing done.  So I have just sorted out the tins cupboard.  I think I may have a syndrome or something.  I'll definitely do some ironing later.

I have been meaning to get to the tin cupboard for over a year and to put down what is in it.  Today I get my veg box and I need to clear all the bits that are on the kitchen table.  Therefore I needed to make space to get the jar sauces I had got from Approved Food.  Therefore I needed to have a clearout of the tins cupboard.  Therefore I might as well do a proper job and write it down.

I found a few tins that were a bit elderly, but less than I expected.  I found plenty that I had forgotten, which I had expected.  I was actually quite reassured that I was not as low on condensed tomato soup as I had feared - in fact I had fourteen cans!  I also have thirteen cans of normal tomato soup which is the only tinned soup I really like.  There are about the same of other soups which the men prefer.

It's a start.  I'm going to start transcribing it on to the computer, which won't take long.  I shall be using a word table, as I don't get on with excel.  I am also quite impressed.  Today I have a massive sore throat, feel very achey and sore and haven't had a proper night's sleep since before we went to Whitby and I have still managed something.  I shall make the most of it.

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