Saturday, 15 June 2013

English Disco Lovers (EDL)

English Disco Lovers are a group that are hoping to reclaim the letters EDL for anti-racist, anti-fascist good people.  I believe they are trying to get their site higher up the Google list.

Their link is here

I was always more punk than disco, but I would force myself for this.  Here's their statement.  Please support if you are on facebook/twitter or just in general


ravylesley said...

I agree with the sentiment but ewww Disco is so yukky.Like yourself I was more punk, complete with electric blue hair (I loved that hair but my Dad didnt lol)and dressed in a black bin liner I would have protested the opening of an envelope and marched about it! Ahhh those were they days when I was convinced I was going to change the world,thirty odd years and five kids later I would be happy just to change my mind lol


Wannabe Sybil said...

I so agree - I'll tolerate the boogie for the sentiment! WS xxx (who was once out-YMCA'ed by an eighty year old)