Thursday, 6 June 2013

Epic Veg Box Delivery

It feels like it was an epic veg box delivery.  I took a lot of photos.

Here's photo one - the salad box.

That was an extremely huge cucumber, five tomatoes, an avocado, two red peppers and what they called some salad leaves which look like a few blades of chives, some red chard and two leaves from the heart of a very small lettuce.  It cost £3.

There was the large veg box

The cucumber was truly massive and when it is that big it is hard to make a display of the veg without it setting off those like Nanny Ogg.  This was about one pound of new potatoes, a sweet potato, three red onions, about half a pound of mushrooms, another avocado, pak choi, lettuce, cucumber, a race of ginger, a big bule of garlic, a red, yellow and green chilli, half a dozen big tomatoes, three carrots, a yellow pepper and two red peppers of which one was rotten.  This cost £15

There was a basics box, as I thought I had better top up

This was six carrots, five very nice looking onions and about two pound of new potatoes.  This cost £3

I treated us to a large fruit box

Four apples, two pears, two peaches, four apricots, five oranges, one large lemon, one grapefruit, four bananas and a bowl of cherries that bear has already decimated.  This was £9.  I also had a dozen eggs which were £3.60 for local, organic, large eggs.  The shopping totalled £35.60.

The veg box company have a rule that if your order comes to more than £33 then you get £3 off.  Their site is under development at the moment and the £3 was not deducted and to be honest I didn't remember.  So they included a small fruit box for which they normally charge £3.

That is, two pears, two peaches, two apples and two bananas.

All the fruit and veg except for one pepper is really prime!  I know I could get better deals but I also know that I wouldn't buy such a variety by myself and so I am happy to pay the extra.  We are all going to eat much better for it.

Tonight for tea will be salad with meat left over from yesterday with hard boiled eggs.  I have an eclectic view of salad so there will be diced pepper, apple, raw mushroom and celery (already in) stirred together, leaves washed and shredded and a heap of grated carrot.  I may or may not add mayonnaise or vinaigrette.  I have olive oil and bottled lemon juice in.  I shall keep the lovely large lemon for a lemon and honey chicken later on.


Lesley said...

That does all look amazing. I am really looking forward to my box now, although I am only going for one small box at the moment.

Wannabe Sybil said...

I think I may end up going for a smaller box but at the moment I am enjoying the variety. I hope you share what comes in your box. WS xxx