Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I Fried an Egg!!

Above is a picture from Stock Free Images - which is far nicer than the eggs I fried for DF for breakfast.  But I did it!  For the first time I fried an egg and the fire brigade were not called!  I didn't even set off the smoke alarm!  I feel very smug.

The shopping has died down a little.  Today I walked to Makro and picked up some digestives for bear.  All things considered it would be less expensive to get them from the supermarket but the walk did me good, it took about fifty minutes.  I picked up some bread and rolls as well but no rubbish or impulse buys.  I am reluctantly going back to a weekly supermarket shop.  The veg box no longer deliver here (grumble, grumble, grumble) and bear has decided he likes a particular type of bread not available in the local shops.  Sadly he won't be getting it for the rest of the week as we have run out.  It will give him something else to complain about.  So I am planning on getting a delivery on a Sunday to set us up with stuff for the packed lunch that I cannot get locally.  I am still trying to stay as local as possible.  

So far I have cooking sherry, DF's razor blades and bacon added, with some eggs.  I can see another sceptical look coming from the delivery driver.  I can't believe the price of sherry!  I do want it, though, as I think a dash of it would really improve some of my stews.  

Tonight's dinner is planned as fish fingers and potatoes boulangere.  

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