Monday, 24 June 2013

Grumbling Along

So far today I haven't spent on anything peculiar.  However it isn't even noon yet, so there's time.

Poor DH, he was clearing out a cupboard that hadn't been touched and where the roofing work had suggested there might be a leak.  There was dust everywhere!  However underneath all the paper fallen from the ceiling and the plaster dust was the old water tank.  It was disconnected when we had the boiler done around 2010 and it was apparently just left there.  In my defence, the fitter had every window open that he could reach, there was six inches of snow on the ground and I was struggling with a torn tendon in my ankle, huddled in the only room in the house with a shut window and not fit to hike up all those stairs.  Nice Mr Next Door has said he will move it for us.

My mouse is being very iffy.  It isn't keen on clicking on things.  I can scroll up and down without a problem, but no clicks.  It is a cheap, very small mouse that plugs into a laptop and has seen a lot of use so I can't complain if it is getting a bit creaky but I have had to be very careful about my supermarket shop.

Speaking of mice, guess what I heard last night.  I am not entirely convinced, but if it was a stray ant it was an ant in hobnailed boots.  I shall keep an eye out for any tell tale signs.

We were trying to organise a trip to a falconry centre near Settle.  DH and I went there years ago and were telling bear about the owls and the hawks and the vultures that they flew there.  Bear does not like things that are not at the end of the street and was very unhappy.  'I don't want to sit in a car for ages just to see a creepy bird taller than me!' He was very clear on that point.  We used dynamite and got him to Bolton Abbey yesterday.  We didn't try the stepping stones as they were under six inches of water, but all in all it could have been worse.  Next time we are definitely taking a picnic.

On the bright side I have dinner sorted out.  Yesterday I cooked a joint of lamb in the slow cooker with just stock cubes and a bouquet garni teabag.  Today it is simmering away with barley and we will have it tonight.  There's always a good bit somewhere.

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