Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bad start to the day

I am not a brilliant housewife, I am not impressively organised and I am not keeping up with much at the moment.  Bear's lunchbox hadn't been cleaned out last night, instead it was left with his martial arts kit.

I had an even worse night last night as well, so when bear woke me up at 6.30 demanding that I find his superman costume for him (normal for mornings here) I decided to get his breakfast, sort out his uniform and make his lunch and then go back to sleep until 8.15 or so, giving me plenty of time for the battle of getting bear dressed.

So I fed bear who wanted lots of toast today, ironed his uniform sleepily and then picked up his lunchbox.  I immediately dropped it - it was full of ants!  I wasn't sleepy after that.

As far as I can tell the ants have attacked the lunchbox from the study, on the floor above the kitchen.  The study needs to be turned out.  There is now a very good chance indeed that a turn out will happen.

The turn out will fit in around bear's sports day and his parents' evening.  Bear did not bring home a shining report. There were some As but there were quite a few Ds as well.  I noticed that the achievement mark was consistently higher than his effort mark.  I explained to bear that I thought he was wonderful, was thrilled where he had done well, but I was not happy with the D for effort marks.  He got cuddles.

Two things that made me really glow with pride.  He was described as 'impeccably behaved' and it said that while he usually played with the same people at break, he was always kind to those who wanted to play with him.  Those two things will cover a multitude of Ds.

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