Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pottering on

Sneaking in a few lines while I have the opportunity.

DF is not well and I am muttering about doctors.  Bear is coming down with an interesting cold (calpol + school  = unimpressed bear) and poor DH is frantic busy at work.  I am looking at the approaching 42 days of summer holidays with a sense of impending doom.

I've managed to get a few paragraphs per day writing so the purchasing has tailed off considerably.  I am hanging fire on the curtain materials but I have seen the stuff I like on ebay (my friend) and I can probably get it all in for @ £25 for both windows.  They won't be lined, but then they don't really need to be due to the extremely odd positions of both windows.

Now off to continue to make space for the halogen oven thingy that had better earn it's (relatively inexpensive) cost.


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