Monday, 8 July 2013


I've had another splurge, but this time a bit more sensible.  I've ordered a Doctor Who clock for bear in the despairing hope that he will stay in his room until 7am.  I have ordered a wardrobe that cost less than the clock (both under £20).  I would love to have a large, antique, elegant wardrobe that looks like it goes to Narnia but while I am in desperate need for somewhere to keep clothes that are not just in a pile I also need to be able to get the stuff up the stairs past a nasty twist in the staircase.  Any day now I will receive a small canvas covered, metal framed wardrobe type thingy.  I've also ordered heading tape and fabric for two sets of curtains (just under £30 inc postage).

I have also faced the grim truth of the cost of bear's holiday club days. On the other hand he has just been invited to join in a water fight on a busy main road with other six year olds who do not bother with little details like safety, supervision or care of passers by.  Forty two days seem like a very long time.  

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