Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bear is Well Read

Actually, bear is well read to.  He gets a story read to him every night, he has since he was six days old.  At first it was just the soothing sound of his father's voice as he had his evening feed, now it is a carefully negotiated and much loved time.

We have just finished Island of Adventure, by Enid Blyton.  I am not sure about her views on social class, gender roles and ethnicity.   However when it comes to constructing a plot she is absolutely red hot, not a scene is wasted, everything is neatly foreshadowed, there is not a loose thread or a hanging question anywhere.  The plot of Island of Adventure was so beautifully constructed I was taking notes.

Bear has also negotiated that one of us will read a Mr Men story by Roger Hargreaves as well.  I usually volunteer to do that as I am enjoying the Mr Men stories a great deal.  They are fun, interesting and have a very clear morality which I think is wonderfully age appropriate.  I also enjoy reading them because I have finally found someone who uses more commas than I do.

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