Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I've lost my plan!

It's normal for me.  I had all the list of the storecupboard stuff in a document saved on the computer and I think I deleted it when clearing out.  I am a bit upset about it.

On the bright side (there is always a bright side) I am much more mindful of what is in there, so I plan to try and use stuff up regardless.  I may try and run out of things.  This is a huge, huge, huge psychological deal to me.  I hate running out of things, it makes me feel very anxious.  However as long as I don't run out of loo paper we can manage.  It will be a while before the cupboard gets anywhere near bear.

It puts the lid on yesterday.  Yesterday was a stubbed toe sort of day with an early start, an argument with bear to get him to go back to sleep, confusion over deliveries, stuff being dropped, stuff being missed and general confusion.  My mattress has apparently left the warehouse.  When it is finally installed I shall be going to bed at the same time as bear for a week!

One of my random purchases arrived today.

I got it from Thorness and their service has been amazing!  I originally found their store looking for hats for darling father.  I am looking with some envy at Duck Egg Designs as well.  I am trying to convince myself I need these.

I don't need them, but I do want them.  Sigh.

Darling uncle is still in hospital and waiting for the operation once his warfarin has stablised.  I keep getting different dates for when he is likely to be discharged and what will happen.  I am a bit worried.

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