Saturday, 13 July 2013

Could be worse

One of the more random things I bought were hand held air conditioners (fans that blow over a damp sponge).  They currently feel worth their weight in gold!  The cost of the thingies was okay but the running of them could get expensive.

I am gearing up to get in touch with various sellers tomorrow and try and either stall or re-direct parcels that were due for darling uncle.  One was a portable air conditioner (slightly bigger fan, blowing over a tank of water that needs to be put on the floor).  As darling uncle lives in a tin bungalow these things are creeping into the 'actually quite important' category.  Today I bought myself a mop.

This morning we were out extremely early to avoid the worst of the heat and walked around a part of Roundhay Park we hadn't seen before.

Bear's grumble per yard walked ratio is still a bit high but we had a lovely time.  Poor bear is not dealing with the weather well - he asked to go to bed at 5.30pm!  He probably got to sleep around 9pm.

Darling uncle is having a few problems as the combination of infection and treatment is affecting his diabetes.

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