Friday, 5 July 2013

Bear is subdued

When I picked up bear from school yesterday the teacher explained that he had needed cuddles at playtime.  He was running a sore throat and temperature.  Today he slept in until 9am, which is the latest he has slept since Christmas Day when he was eleven months old.  Poor little lad actually got up at 5.15am but managed to get back to sleep after calpol.  He has been unusually quiet and calm all day.  At the end of the day he decided he would like to go for a walk, to get some fresh air.

I was all for this.  When bear was very little I couldn't physically take him many places.  Now he needs to be dragged out of the house almost at gun point and does not usually ask for pleasant walks.  Last year wasn't worth the effort, the weather was so foul that the nice walk by the beck was not an option.  However he asked for a walk today so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and we went.

It was a bit of a blow for me.  I can identify a large proportion of the plants, and I have a good working knowledge of the wild flowers where I grew up.  Bear cannot identify a nettle and is scared of long grass.  I haven't encouraged him to go out in the street, it's a long story to do with drug dealers, and he has treated any attempt I have made to show him plants with disdain.  He isn't really a country child, he is more the computer generation.  Mind you,  DH has roughly the same interest in plants.  For DH, if it has yellow flowers it is a daffodil, if it has white flowers it is a snowdrop and if it has red flowers then it is a rose.  Under these rules then the white rose that DF planted is a confirmed snowdrop.  I don't argue.

When we were all in and DH had come home, bear explained carefully to me that I didn't need to watch the weather tonight as Grandad had told him that it would be nice all week, so I didn't need to put the news on, I could watch a Doctor Who dvd with him instead.  His logic is impeccable.

The school holiday is forty two days long.  I wonder what else I shall be negotiated into.

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