Sunday, 19 December 2010

Anti Clutterbust 3

Matalan are selling some gift wrap at 3 for the price of two. I didn't see the exact price, but Matalan are usually extremely reasonable when it comes to price.

A few years ago I bought similar wrap. It is sort of sparkly, either gold or silver and with a sort of holographic effect. And it is completely neutral. I bought a shed load and it has served well for birthday's and Christmases for a while, because it can be used for either. It is also quite good quality, it wraps easily and we also have gift tags in both silver and gold, again useful for any occasion. We are coming to the end of that stock, and I am thinking of once again buying a vast quantity. In fact I am thinking of getting quite a few rolls as not only can I not think of any gift giving occasion when the wrap would not be suitable, but little bear is of an age when cutting up sparkly wrapping paper and sticking it to things is becoming increasingly attractive.

It is entirely in my nature to go and buy a dozen rolls, and I know that they will be used, be useful and not expire. But it's not really Clutterbust. I think that this is one of those times when I should go with my nature. Also, I shall perhaps get in on Boxing Day/27th when it may be a little less expensive.

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