Thursday, 9 December 2010

Little bear has to be joking

2am this morning little bear had a nightmare. So I spent some time cuddling him, then he woke up again at 4am when he demanded an ice lolly. At this point I abandoned any attempt to be a loving mother and told him that mummy was going to sleep and he could sleep in his bed or on the arm chair but I wasn't moving. So he slept in the chair. I had several hours of vaguely surfacing, checking he was alright, drifting off again and repeat. I am sleeping on the sofa as I can prop myself up and protect my arm.

This morning, @ 9am, he was sitting in said armchair eating an ice lolly and wearing sunglasses.

He 'helped' me decorate (more or less) some cakes and 'helped' me thread polystyrene packing peanuts onto a long piece of cotton for us to paint for decorations tomorrow. He insisted on having a go with the needle. I know it was a blunt ended crewel needle but I was watching that needle so closely for the half dozen he threaded before he got bored that I gave myself a headache.

Actually he has been in a lovely, if tired, mood today, so long may that continue!

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Morgan said...

Take care of yourselves - have to say that I am suffering here too with a bug and hoping to feel better soon.

Getting out will no doubt do you good, especially the cake part!! Not sure about the yarn shop, though! Sounds far too tempting :-)

Have you ever tried knitting Can-can knitted ribbon into a scarf? A friend of mine has knitted loads so I thought I would have a go, but the yarn is £10 a ball - should make 2 scarves but it is awful to knit and I can't get started at all - have tried a couple of times and it's very challenging!!