Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pity Party

I am feeling low. I am tired, OH is really poorly but working from home (and likely to stay poorly for forseeable future as a result), little bear is being little bear and it is feeling tough.

I have been thinking about how often I have been out of the house since 3 November when I hurt my arm. That may be the problem. I have not been out of the house at all since we returned from Pickering 25 Nov apart from the trip to A&E. Before Pickering there was the trip to physio, which I actually enjoyed even if I did nearly pass out. I could relax on the bus (didn't relax in Pickering, not possible).

However today my snow boots arrived, and if OH is at all half way fit then I am going to risk a trip to town on Saturday. That will really cheer me up. I shall have hot chocolate and a cake and then possible find myself near a yarn shop - it's a million to one chance!

I also want to pop into a charity shop to rummage in their bargain basement bin for woollies that are not fit to wear. I plan to unravel them and use them for cushion stuffing. Little bear be happy to help, I am sure.

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