Friday, 31 December 2010

Little bear doesn't like sleep

As little bear is officially now a big boy (according to him) he no longer has a gate on his room. This means that the latest he has woken me with a slammed door is 8.30.

Little bear has always had vitamins. I regard them as a useful supplement but that really it is my job to get good food into him. I fail, therefore vitamins aren't bad. He LOVES his crunchy Kids Vitamins.

Little bear has been taking a syrup for eczema which has now vanished without trace (so I suspect not eczema). He enjoyed the taste of this, and it was part of his bedtime routine. We have run out of the syrup (still no sign of itching or affected skin).

Little bear wants his medicine. He NEEDS his medicine because he is poorly. He is too poorly to go to nursery again, again, again. His throat is sore. And he won't go to sleep, he needs someone to keep him company and he doesn't like sleep. He is fine, full of energy, bright eyed, bushy tailed and not poorly in any shape or form.

Last night little bear had hysterics for two hours. Well, I say hysterics, he was jumping up and down, screaming, shouting and generally cross at the world. In the end he had a half dose of child's buttercup syrup given with much play acting about how strong it was.

He is getting worse and worse when he comes to bedtimes, he is fighting sleep every step of the way (just like his parents did at his age, and continue to do).

We are fighting the battle of sleep first, and picking up a bottle of malt extract for his 'medicine'. Then we can fight the battle of the medicine bottle.

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