Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Little bear is pushing his luck again

The plan was that little bear attended nursery full time this week. This was to give me a break and help rest the shoulder. Hah!

This morning little bear's first words were 'I'm NOT going to nursery - again, again, again!' That was a bad omen.

I got little bear dressed and ready to go out apart from his boots, coat, hat & gloves. OH got up and dressed. All was going okayish, until it became time to leave. Little bear had a meltdown! 'I too poorly, I too tired, I want to go doctors, I want to sleep on sofa, I need cough medicine (hasn't need this for months!), I need to go get milkshake, little boy roars at me...'

OH unfortunately also succumbed to stress. I have no idea exactly how I got them out of the door, but it did involve taking a jar of honey with him to nursery. By this time I was a complete nervous wreck. I was also convinced that he had not only woken the neighbours but also the next street. At the nursery he screamed, cried and physically clung on to OH. He had to be prised off by one of the lovely ladies there.

When I rang an hour later he was having a great time.

The owner of the nursery, who I completely trust, said that there was no evidence of him being poorly (which I agree) and that there was a little boy of the name little bear uses but they actually were in separate rooms. I believe there was an incident a month or more ago, but it looks like little bear is using it as a fall back excuse. She mentioned that she had seen little bear in a face off with another boy and little bear had had no problems in standing his ground (and I can believe that after the horror of this morning).

As far as I can see the main problem is that little bear was actually tired. He insisted on being sung to sleep again tonight and I let him get away with that, but he was looking exhausted. He was almost dead on his feet when he got home tonight. I need to find some way of shortening his bedtime routine (which is getting to the 'over an hour' stage not including the bath) to let him get enough rest. And if he doesn't go to nursery he can try staying home and playing on the computer. He hasn't been exposed to the rationing yesterday (not enough time before bedtime) and today (computer broke all day until OH fixed it after tea).

Tomorrow the plan is that he stays at home in the morning and I assess the chances of falling in the afternoon. If I fall I risk more than a bruised ego, though I am getting a little more confident. I have promised baking tomorrow morning. I am wondering about trying to coax a nap tomorrow afternoon instead of nursery. By Friday afternoon, the time after tomorrow he is due in, he should be more rested.

I feel really selfish, but I feel I could have really done with the break.

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