Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Approved Food

Approved Food has just delivered. The three bottles of fairy liquid included in the order should last me until March. The assorted crisps will probably not last nearly as long.

I am searching out deliveries of groceries and general stocking up for Christmas. The kitchen will burst. I am going to be scratching round to find space for it all.

However I have just emptied into the sugar canister the last bag of sugar which was part of a pallet I got around ten years ago. It is, of course, still perfectly fine and free running. But it seems an odd thought to actually have to buy sugar. I don't take sugar, neither does OH or darling father, so it only goes down with baking really which is intermittent and not always sugar heavy.

Little bear is extremely mucky and very happy. He has helped me bake a coconut bread, he has scraped the bowl (still wearing some of it) and he has had had a chocolate biscuit (still wearing some of that as well. And he has both slippers on, which is a major breakthrough!

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