Saturday, 18 December 2010

Operation Clutterbust 9

OH is in a clearout mood, and what with moving a chair for darling father etc there was a lot of stuff to clear in the study - so I need to update the total by four bin bags and four bags of clothes etc to the clothes bank at the tip.

Then I couldn't stand the mess in the bathroom any longer. And because things have been disorganised there are lots of duplication and heaps - another black bin bag out of there.

And I am about to go down and see what I can do in the kitchen. The huge mound of cloth in the study is currently a huge mound of cloth in the kitchen, which will need to be sorted out.

However it will probably still be there when I make bacon butties tomorrow morning as in a few minutes I will start to get ready for OH's work do.


Morgan said...

Hope you have a lovely evening - we are putting up the tree and rearranging the sitting room for Christmas...could be here all night! We will stop for the Strictly come dancing final, but otherwise, I am decluttering, cobwebbing and generally having a bit of a spring clean - the girls are sorting the tree decorations and arranging them on it. Festive fun, hey ho!!

Wannabe Sybil said...

We had a wonderful night - I hope you did too. I bet the tree looks lovely! WS x