Saturday, 11 December 2010

Little bear is not so good

So far he has, before 9am...

Woken me at six
Fought over ever morsel that has gone through his lips, either for (chocolate biscuits) or against (cereal)
Frozen the computer, I thought he had finished it
Found a Christmas present (OH doesn't always hide things well) and forced me to try and disentangle the 10 Thomas the Tank Engine jigsaws packed together. (Thanks, jigsaw maker, I know that the biggest only had 49 pieces but it is just what my sleep deprived brain didn't need)
Insisted that he is too poorly to go anywhere
Insisted that he NEEDS to go to town
Insisted that he NEEDS to get dressed
Insisted that we go to the German market (not sure that it is still on!)
Insisted that he NEEDS a rest before getting dressed...

OH is still in bed. He had a bad night with a cough that could saw wood. He is really poorly.

I am feeling a bit battered.

Also, the norovirus here is, apparently, enjoying the novelty of attacking the respiratory system, so OH has a really, really bad chest. Little bear has just started coughing. Which means that the break of him going to nursery, which I am absolutely desperate for, is not likely to happen. I can't send him there with a norovirus.

I am wracking my brains for ideas now to keep little bear amused.

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