Saturday, 6 October 2012


Eighteen months after I first put adverts in my blog I am likely to receive my first payout.  It isn't guaranteed and I have no idea which account I set it up to as it was so long ago. 

I really, really, really, really DON'T want anyone to click on an advert unless they actually are interested.  There were one or two I was interested in, but I couldn't click on them (breaks the rules and would guarantee no payout) so I would copy and paste the linky, or google for it.  And I like that they had a bit of colour as a I am rubbish at putting pictures in.  I also loved seeing what adverts followed which post.  Some had real irony in them. 

But OH has set the computer up so that I can't see the adverts in my blog.  This has been depressing me for a while.  It took away a lot of low grade fun in my life.  And I don't like the idea of asking friends for money, and I think of the people reading this as friends.  Making money because of your clicks can feel uncomfortable.  Although if you find it useful getting you to places that are helpful, that's okay.  I also don't want to put people off from reading. 

But while the payout isn't huge, it will cover a huge chunk of Christmas present for little bear.  At the moment I aim for around £30-50 for a 'big' present for little bear for Christmas and his birthday which are ridiculously close together.  The payout will cover one of those. 

At the moment I don't know if the adverts will stay or go.  Thank you for anyone who has clicked, I hope you found it really helpful.  And I hope you could find some of those advert/post contrasts as humorous as I could. 


Wean said...

I agree about the ads, I actually like seeing them on my blog - I think it makes it look a bit more professional - but getting results is very slow isn't it ? Like you I've seen ads that I would have liked to click on because they have been of genuine interest to me, but as you say, you just can't.
At the moment I have one on for free sample of cat food which I can't click on - bah ! would have come in handy with 6 cats too.

Anyway, good luck, don't remove them, I'm not going to - it's a time thing, like waiting for supermarket points to build up, and then you get a surprise - or not !!

Wannabe Sybil said...

Thanks - I think at the moment I incline to letting them stay and getting OH to let me see them. lol

I just hope that they are of use/interest, like the cat food (can't see that either, must really speak to OH). WS xxx