Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Not a good morning

Little bear stomped downstairs at 6.30 am and asked to go on the computer.  I groaned, set the timer (he is being rationed at the moment) and rolled over to try and get a few more minutes - darling father was out last night and I don't seem to get deep sleep until he is home.  I really wanted a few more minutes.

At 6.50 the computer re-started for some reason.  I found this was happening with little bear's howls of fury.  He then stomped upstairs, slamming doors along the way and used the bathroom.  I was trying to surface and think of a way to stop little bear waking OH and demanding that he immediately come downstairs and fix the computer without waking the entire household anyway.  Fortunately little bear just made enough racket in the bathroom to wake the dead, but not OH, and then stomped downstairs singing a song from Game of Thrones. 

OH has a cd of songs from Game of Thrones which he plays in the car.  There is no way on this planet I would allow little bear to watch Game of Thrones and I am not entirely sure about the music.  Hearing little bear stomp downstairs singing a song about an entire family being massacred at 7am does not entirely reassure me. He then grumbled about his breakfast. 

Little bear is now happening at school, despite his best efforts to persuade me that he had a tummy ache.  I suspect that the desire to not only play computer games but also avoid the music lesson has a large part in this.  However he is definitely going to the piano lesson.  It just may be a bit interesting getting him there.

And please let him not sing songs about massacres at school.  I don't feel up to the teacher's pertinent questions.

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