Thursday, 2 May 2013

New vacuum cleaner!

It's finally come, the Ewbank chilli vacuum cleaner

I took it up to DH's room to vacuum as that hasn't been done in living memory.  For years I haven't been able to physically get up there myself and I certainly haven't been able to lug a cleaner up there.

The cleaner is really, really light.  It was so easy to carry up and down.  It was so pleasant, there is even a carrying strap but I suggest that the strap isn't used permanently because I kept sucking the strap into the suction thingy.  It fills up quick but it's not too bad to empty and at least you don't need to change bags.  It wasn't so good on the pet hairs left by evil cat but as evil cat used to spend the most time there and I thought that perhaps I should have started with a shovel it may be the conditions.  Also the carpet isn't flat, you can see the grooves of the floor boards underneath the carpet and I think I would need a handbrush or one of the tools to get into those hollows.

It is really tiny, so it probably takes a tiny bit longer, but it gets under beds etc really easy because it is tiny.  I will start trying the attachments soon, and will let you know how they go.

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