Thursday, 23 May 2013

Taking Five Minutes

Finally back home after a frustrating trip.  We seemed to hit bad traffic, roadworks and awkward junctions all the way there and back and the satnav had a hissy fit and sent us around most of the Pennines.  This left us running late to drop DF at his snooker.

Holmfirth, where they filmed Last of the Summer Wine, was nice but we didn't have much time there.  Fortunately we were in a cafe when the hail really came down, there was half an inch at least in the corners.

We visited Daisy Lane Book Shop.  If you go to Holmfirth and you like books then I recommend it.  We went in there today and wandered out with one or two books, though we could have bought many.  It is a converted house, absolutely crammed with books, I don't think that they could get a single other book in there.  It is jammed floor to rafter with second hand books at very reasonable prices, and they are hard to get books as well.  I bought a book on grammar, a book on conspiracy theories (research) and a book which may be from the 1930s which explains how to choose an electric cooker and how to use it.  I am considering getting an electric cooker, so it may be useful.  DH came away with some Enid Blyton books for bear and DF bought a 'History for Beginners' book to share with bear.

The above picture is taken from the Daisy Lane internet page.  It shows two cats sitting on books.  I think that the one at the back is the one who got my mother many years ago.  I have seen them in ambush a time or two.  Currently there are two newer cats who we didn't meet, but who will certainly have access and napping rights.  We were warned that if we see the larger of the two that we should not under any circumstances try to tickle his tummy.  In my experience, trying to tickle a cat's tummy never, ever ends well. I have heard of people managing it.  For me it has only ever ended in tears. 

On the way back to the car we called into the Age UK shop.  I wondered if they had any clothes for bear (not that he needs them) and somehow found myself walking out with a table.  It looks a little like this

I need a little side table for the study and at £9.99 to a good cause I thought it worth while.

There is also an old fashioned hardware store in Holmfirth so we picked up some ant traps (thank you for the tip, RavyLesley) and a bath mat.  It was another place were there were all sorts of things I could do with, but I will hang fire for a bit.  It even smelled like the old fashioned hardware store and was full of racks of seeds and clothes lines and spare bath plugs.  I think I shall save up and come back and have a rummage.

Regardless, I now have to woman up and try and sort out the bottom floor.  I have visions of going away for a week and coming back to a nest in the middle of the floor!  Kitchen and ironing here I (very reluctantly) come!

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Morgan said...

So glad you found a grammar book as I still haven't found that one I said I would send........sorry!