Saturday, 13 November 2010

Anti Clutterbust

In a low mood - browsing yarns - saw something...

I do not need 8 kilos of yarn that isn't even in balls but sort of bundled up. I really do not need this yarn. I don't care if it looks like useful acrylic, or how inexpensive it is, I do not need it I HAVE NO ROOM

On a related note, we need a draught excluder for the door. Actually we have needed one for a few years and now I think is a good time to sort it out. I could get a firm pillow case (some of the former hotel ones I got from ebay are extremely firm) slit down the sides, make into a tube and stuff.

Preferred stuffing is unravelled machine made, shop bought sweaters. I can probably pick up something hideous from the charity shop for less than £1 to adequately stuff. I did have a stock, but I got rid of them clutterbusting as at one point it was cheaper just to buy cushions and it just isn't any more.

The big question is - would it look okay? Probably not. And would I get round to doing it? Possibly. Mind you, there are a couple of places I could rummage round for remnants on Leeds Market, half a yard of denim twill would be fine and I could even splash out on some fabric crayons for little bear's amusement (and keep them under lock and key when not in use). And little bear would love, absolutely love stuffing a tube, especially if he helped unravel. Also keep emphasising that only mummy decides what is unravelled.

I could even use one of the 9 blankets arriving as the casing.

Do not need more yarn. Must not look again at yarn. I HAVE NO ROOM.

Of to have a rummage to see if there are things in house that I could unravel after all. Then it would be a clutterbust and not me buying things in.

Do not need yarn.

Just realised - I have not yet got rid of all the baby blankets of little bear and some are in an extremely well used condition. The fleece ones would be ideal - opaque, washable and so tatty that it didn't matter how trodden on they got.

Do not need yarn

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