Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow and fear

Fear one - I am terrified of slipping in the snow. I have so far in my lifetime sprained both ankles, dislocated a toe and both shoulders - one shoulder three times now - sprained a wrist and I have suspicions that something iffy happened to a thumb. I also have a dicky, clicky knee. I think to be concerned about slipping in the snow is a reasonable concern. I shall probably give it another week, then pluck up my courage and get out again. The big problem is that I have an extremely steep slope one side of the house that is impractical to attempt if iced up. On the other side is an unadopted road, full of potholes which, if last year is a guide, will be ice, covered by snow. Of course cars belt up and down leaving some really awful patches of compacted snow, ice and pothole and there are some lovely areas that favour black ice just by the end of the road. Even the pavement outside our house has a slope to steep for the guidelines, and the pavement doesn't extend all along the road.

Fear two - I dread OH driving to work in these conditions. He hates driving in snow, he has to travel on lots of B roads and the approach to work is a B road up a hill to a place where all the neighbours are sheep in fields. I am fairly confident he is a good enough driver to be safe. But he is going to be exhausted and fed up. All the good work of a break is about to be undone in twenty four hours. Also last year cost us a gear box.

Fear three - darling father insists on going out. I admit that his joints are probably more robust than mine, but he is eighty next birthday. Tomorrow, despite seeing a weather forecast full of snow, he is insisting on going into town on the bus. I shall be on pins until he is safely back.

Fear one is really just smoke and mirrors. I can take a common sense approach and a steady pace and I will be fine. Fears two and three are a bit more grounded in reality. Darling father will not be without his paper under any circumstances. Last year he fell and, apart from being a bit stunned, was fine. But I am on edge every time he goes out.

And of course there is a battle with little bear looming. So far I have let him get away with short sleeves, but it is now just too cold and I think I need to be firmer. On the other hand he was wandering round in bare feet today. I could not convince him to wear slippers and his feet were icy.

And I can't help worry about darling uncle, on his own, who refuses to try and get the temperature of his home above 10 degrees Centigrade.

Roll on spring when I can find other things to worry about.


Morgan said...

Well, I am totally with you on this one. The OH has had to go to hospital for a 6 monthly check-up this morning - he left at 7.30am and should be back by lunchtime, so I will be very relieved when he gets home. I have cancelled my place on a course I was due to go on tonight as it would have meant driving 30 miles there and the same home again in the dark at 9pm. And I am very glad that gymnastics is not on this week, so basically I am staying at home as much as I possibly can. I may have to venture out to a commitment tomorrow, but at least it will be in daylight hours.
Take care of yourselves!

Wannabe Sybil said...

Morgan - I think you are absolutely correct in being careful on this. In this country we are not set up for this weather and that, really, is the big hazard.

And any time now they are going to be muttering about power cuts... WS x