Monday, 8 November 2010

I hate trying to thing up blessed names for blessed characters, especially the ones that will be in the story for a paragraph, but might be referred to later so I need to have a name and it can't be the same name as anyone else in the story. I know about a zillion Daves but I can only use the name once in a story or it causes confusion. And it can't be the name of someone I know. And the current heroine nearly ended up being called after a Fireman Sam character.

And breathe

Thinking of randomly picking from phone book

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Morgan said...

Have you still got a book of baby names hanging around? If not, browse through one at the library (although people may think you are pregnant, who cares!?!) The things you have to do for your art! The EFG is always writing and she seems to use made up names of her own which are based on "normal" names - one of her heroes is called Jesper which obviously derives from Jasper!