Saturday, 27 November 2010

Operation Clutterbust 6

I have just finished listing all the tins in the cupboard - which include such gems as ten tins of chopped tomatoes!

That is one small cupboard. I will put a total up when I get a chance. Now I need to assess eg packets, stock cubes, etc.

Also little bear helped and my arm survived though it is a bit sore now. It is going to be much better putting it all in a list and then knowing whether we need to add to the eight tins of tomato soup or not (really, I must have been away with the fairies).


Ian said...

So glad you're home and warm. I was a little worried when I saw the weather forecast.

I think the best way to organise your cupboards and stuff in your freezer is to use a method I learnt for maintaining stationery cupboards. Work out your basics for the store cupboard and how much you use of various items over a period of time. Then you set a level, or number of items, which when you reach it or drop below it your re-order the items in the amount you're going to use over the next month or two.

Say you use 10 tins of tomatoes over 2 months. You just stock up again and order more when you get down to 3.

Does this help?

Wannabe Sybil said...

Ian - I am definitely going with that idea. It is so much easier if you know where you are starting from. WS x