Friday, 12 November 2010

Needing Clutterbust

Also today I found three (!) large boxes of matches. The day after a delivery from Mr S, where I ordered more matches and two lighty thingies because on Bonfire night we couldn't find any matches and both the lighty thingies failed. OH lit the taper supplied from the gas hob.

This is because I have too much stuff and the things I have are not properly stored. The matches normally are in the cupboard where the gas settings used to be, before the central heating went. I relocated a load of stuff before the central heating was replaced while I had a torn ankle ligament and they ended in a lot of very random places. I must have missed these matches when I put things back as they were in a fairly random spot and they may be useless now as the area is prone to damp. What a waste of money and resources.

And the cupboard they should be in is full because Mr S had an offer on vitamins and I stocked up so I HAVE NO ROOM.

I need Operation Clutterbust because:

1. I cannot keep the house clean because things are all over.
2. I have too much stuff
3. Stuff is being wasted because not kept properly or kept too long.
4. I could use the things I am keeping more effectively if I could find them. And I can't do a place for everything because I HAVE NO ROOM.

I have eight rooms in my home, not including the bathroom. That includes four double bedrooms. Each one is crammed to the point where they are extremely difficult to clean. This is why I need Operation Clutterbust

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