Monday, 15 November 2010

Ebay is my friend

My shopping has come home to roost. The nine blankets have finally arrived. They are gorgeous, clean, immaculate baby blankets. I will stash the best for gifts and the others may well turn into cosy cushion covers.

Little bear has graciously condescended to wear one of the gilets that arrived today. Sigh. He will only wear short sleeves and he won't wear sweaters. He has made a brief foray into trying to wear all three at once, but that was not entirely successful.

Even with postage, three very good quality gilets which little bear may actually wear and nine very lovely cot blankets all for under £20.

Of course, not spending £20 and saving the room is also good, but little bear needed the gilets (or at least something to help warmth) so only the blankets were an extravagance. And I can see uses for all of them, it would be just a little better if I had room.

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