Saturday, 10 August 2013

An Easy Mistake to Make

We all went to Headingley this morning as bear wanted to show DH the wonder that is charity shops.  We had yet another lovely snack in 'Love Rouge' which I recommend to anyone in Headlingley.  Here is a cupcake bear demolished previously.

Then we were fortified to go on to the charity shops.

I had a bit of a rummage in the children's books in one shop and while bear investigated all the possibilities of the toys and took one to the manager.  'I don't think this should be in with the children's books,' I said, 'As it's called Joint Rolling.'  The manager looked at me blankly.  'I don't think it means shoulder joints.'  I added.  She still looked blank.  'It's about drugs.' I said eventually.

It was an easy mistake to make.  There was a jolly cartoon hedgehog on the front and lots of jolly cartoons inside if you didn't look properly.  If you actually looked briefly at the pictures there were lots of cigarette type shapes, but it was all clean and not drawn on.  I can understand that anyone can make a mistake.  Mind you, I am not exactly hip to the groove, I have no idea what any word on the street is except possibly 'No Parking' and I don't even listen to Radio 2 and I still got it.

Bear came back with a toy truck making thing, two Famous Five books, which I am glad about as they cost a fortune new, a Ben10 annual and two atlases.  He is most taken with the atlases.  Both DH and I prefer non fiction, and so does DF.  I've really enjoyed a rummage in the charity shops.

I don't think I will be going with bear every week, though.  After the summer is finished I won't really bother.  Otherwise while I will not be so much poorer (apart from travel costs), we will have to prise off the roof and stick on an extra layer of rooms to keep everything.

(cost to go charity shopping with bear if it is just us - £6 for fares, £5 for drink and cake, £10 for bear's allowance and £x for what I am tempted with but usually less than £5.  It could be worse)

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