Monday, 19 August 2013

Chips with Everything

The low fat chip fryer has turned out to be a halogen oven.  It is really actually quite good.  I am trying to empty my freezer (as ever!) and on Saturday we had a load of samosas, bhajis and spring rolls that were a pack left over from two snack teas earlier in the year.  I get big frozen packs from Makro and they are great for when no-one can face much.  They cooked in the new halogen thing in about two thirds of the normal time and had a really good finish.  Sausages also cook in there really well.

DH loves home made chips and as I haven't had an ordinary fryer since I set some chips alight he has been making do with oven chips.  Now the halogen thingy does almost fat free chips he can't get enough.  He wants chips with everything.  As DF wants mash with everything I am getting a bit challenged.  I am considering instant mash.

Tonight is chilli and chips, or possibly beeferoni.

I have an interesting cooking week ahead.  Today bear is on a trip with the school club so that means I will be bringing him in as DH is driving up.  I haven't got the stuff for a casserole so I am going with the quick mince dish.  Tomorrow I am not cooking as we are meeting DH from work.  Wednesday bear is out, but so am I.  I need to get out of the house as I am starting to find it incredibly difficult.  I am considering IKEA so that would be meatballs and chips.  If I don't make IKEA it will be egg and chips.  Thursday we are going to the Armouries with one of bear's friends so it will be frozen veggie burgers with the chips.  Friday bear is out again, and I may try and cue up a casserole so I am not worried about picking up bear then getting home and doing something quick.  Saturday we are out.  Sunday I am out so I will have to get something lined up for
DH.  It may involve peeling potatoes and cutting chips.

I have three big challenges this week.  One is to sort out a vast quantity of textiles.  One is to sort out the books so that the spares can go to the church for the sale a week on Saturday.  One is to get the freezer defrosted as we are going to the farm shop on Saturday to stock up with meat.

I am actually looking forward to the challenge.

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