Wednesday, 14 August 2013

One bite at a time

As I am sleeping in a room full of junk, in need of clearing, the bed moving, a step ladder fetching, mold being treated, and completely redecorating I have of course been tackling the dining room today.

I've done okay.  I've moved heavy dining room chairs, shifted a tumble dryer (quite light, really), thrown out a great deal of general rubbish, bagged up a half a dozen carrier bags of stuff for a charity shop, shifted a table (that was really hard) and finally parted with a scratching post that belonged to evil cat.  That was a wrench.

The dining room is a serious block.  Once I have got that sorted then I can get into the walk in cupboard.  Once I have sorted that then I have options for putting a lot of the stuff in the kitchen into there, which will make it easier to use the kitchen.  The walk in cupboard (as big as the kitchen in our last house) is also where all the tools are stored.  This sounds more impressive than it is.  We have a variety of random, poor quality tool boxes filled with random poor quality tools - plus the tools of darling father.  At some point there will be a chance to sit down with the men of the house and decide which tools we are keeping and then donate the rest.  This will also get rid of a lot of the tools in the room I am sleeping in and start to make space there.

At the same time after getting the wardrobe set up I now can start putting my clothes away.  It will give me a chance to get rid of a lot of stuff that I don't really like.

So while I have still heaps of ironing, mounds of bedding and far too many socks that need pairing, today has been very positive.  I've taken a bite of the elephant (thank you Janet, I have a mantra!) and that is something.

Tomorrow is not likely to be as productive.  Bear is finding summer exhausting.  I keep sending him to the holiday club, to keep him away from some problems here, and he is finding it a bit more wearing than he expected.  He was there today, but not tomorrow.  So I am keeping tomorrow for cuddles.


Janet said...

I am honoured that I have passed on the mantra, WS - it is not one of mine originally (from a mate called Clive, if that is relevant). His other mantra was 'would my old mam on the omnibus give a damn?' but that isn't a good one for decluttering. There was a challenge on this here interweb a few days ago, 100 things to fling in 8 days - think about it, it's 12 one day and 13 the next for 8 days. I did it! That was just my completed NVQ, computer courses and other random paperwork. So it can be done. I sat down with all the pens and felt tip pens and highlighters, I swear 100 of those went in one fell swoop. Of course, Mr O then dragged them out of the bin just to check.... You can win the battle, but just keep on and win the war!

Wannabe Sybil said...

I think I might make 100 in 8 days. After all, today is socks! I just hope I'm socksessful (I'll get my coat) Thank you again for the mantra. WS xxx

Witch Hazel said...

Well done Syb!

Why not get Bear to have a go at the sock pairing?

Wannabe Sybil said...

Hazel - that is such a good idea! Rain is forecast, so an ideal time. he is being so helpful as well. WS xxx