Friday, 23 August 2013

Bear is not happy

The trip to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff has been hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles.  It is coming up to the fiftieth anniversary, bear adores Doctor Who and this Experience is supposed to be the best thing ever.  We would be mad to miss it.

So I'm considering and plotting and thinking about how to juggle all the costs and whether to go by car or train and where to stay.  Today bear broke down in tears as he didn't want to go.  At first his main objection was that he was going to be away from home on Halloween.  However when it comes down to it bear doesn't want to go away from home at all.

We go through this every time!  It needs dynamite to get bear further than the end of the street.  I am so fed up of having to drag bear to anything more than the computer.  I could cry sometimes.

I am torn.  On the one hand it will be really good for bear to go away.  We can't just leave him at home all the time.  On the other hand it is a long way to go for a lot of money when we could be physically pulling bear from train to hotel to attraction to train.  Bear has had a brilliant summer with the out of hours school holiday club.  He has gone to the seaside, parks, museums, attractions and generally had the opportunity to do all sorts.  He has objected mightily.  If he goes to the after school club due to emergencies or to cover for me having some time out then it is on the school premises and within sight of the house.  In the holidays he has to leave the postcode!  In fact he has been forced to go as far as leaving the county and travelling as far as fifty miles!  He objected to the backwards day when they did everything backwards and wore pyjamas because it was five miles away.

I am not sure that going to the Doctor Who Experience (which has some really awesome reviews) is a good idea.  I am, however, fairly sure that not going is sending the wrong signal.  I wish being a mum came with a handbook.

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