Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Possibly a Good Thing

I am deconstructing the mound of fabric that is my 'dining room'.  I have to put 'dining room' in commas as it hasn't been dined in for nearly ten years.  Instead there is this huge heap of ironing, towels, bedding, more ironing, coat hangers, ironing and lots of clothes bear has grown out of (that need ironing).  I haven't been able to get to a large part of it due to the over large ironing board.  It sort of blocks things off and makes things murder to get to and if things slip down a mound then they are impossible to reach.  I have been saying that I will get on top of the ironing and when I do then I will sort things out.  However it has been looking less and less possible.  So I thought I would start by excavating.

It is incredibly depressing.  It just seems to keep on coming.  However I am don't want to outsource the ironing, even just temporarily, as I want to feel the pain of getting it straight and know that I will never do it again.  This may be wishful thinking, but it's a theory.  Another problem is that there is nowhere to put eg towels.  They do not have a designated home.  Neither do pillow cases.  There just isn't anywhere to put them.

I am just trudging on while bear is at holiday club, mainly in short, baffled bursts.  On the bright side, I've found a vacuum cleaner I'd forgotten we had.


Janet said...

Might work for you, might not. Since I first got married (35 giddy years ago) I have always done the ironing upstairs in the room where most of the ironing was put away. That way, you iron it, put it straight onto the hanger and then into the wardrobe. For me, I then had to take some of the ironed stuff down a flight of stairs to the kids room, which (once they had left home) then became my dressing room (Mr O worked a late evening shift which meant that if I got dressed and dried my hair in our room, I would wake him up too early). This might be a bit too much for you, but at least might get you moving things out of the room. Question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: In bite sized chunks. This is your elephant!

Wannabe Sybil said...

Hmmm considering this. At the moment the ironing is in the room next to the kitchen (washing machine) and where washing would be brought in from the line, the tumble dryer is in the 'dining room' as is a clothes horse. I shall think about this while I am doing the first bite of the elephant. All suggestions welcome! WS xxx