Friday, 2 August 2013

On a lighter note

Bear has an email account (on the very strict understanding that DH and I always have access) and used it to complain to DH that I had grounded him 'on purpus'.

He was leaning on someone else's car rubbing polystyrene into bits which always annoys me, and then carried on doing it after I told him to stop.  So I grounded him.  Bear continued negotiations and tears for some time, but eventually decided emailing his daddy was the way to go.

I was glad of the excuse to pull him in away from the kids he was playing with as the conversation was getting a lot more violent than I was comfortable with.  I am about to start trying to arrange play dates.  While still being glued to the phone in case of something happening.

Darling uncle is starting to realise stuff that we have all been telling him for some time.  It mustn't be easy for him, so I am keeping on with quick calls just to keep him in touch with the rest of the world.  Really worried about his tablets.  

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