Friday, 2 August 2013

Things continue

Darling uncle is doing okay but was discharged with insufficient tablets (apart from warfarin being in wrong dose).  The local GPs are not known to be helpful, or rather, the receptionists are very good barriers between GPs and patients.  According to darling uncle it will be difficult to get them to prescribe the tablets and get the prescription filled and to him.  A few years ago darling uncle collapsed at home and I rang the doctor's surgery, literally less than fifty yards away from his home, and they wouldn't send a doctor over or consider even sending the practice nurse even just until an ambulance could get there.  I don't think I will ever forget trying to get in touch with people who I really only know from darling uncle's conversations to try and work out who could get there to let the ambulance in.  I was a hundred miles away and unable to do anything.  At least then he was discharged properly.

The District Nurse hasn't been yet.  I am hoping that he/she will be able to sort something out.

I can't do stuff that needs to be done.  All I can do is ring regularly and be as supportive as I can.


Janet said...

Be careful on the grounding issue. I only ever grounded my daughter (son - well, he was a terror from the word go) once, and I grounded her for 24 hours. I survived 3 hours... then gave in. My lovely, most beautiful little girl turned into an absolute witch, and she was totally in the wrong - there was only one rule in the house: You tell me where you are/are going - and she broke it. 13 years later, I know I am still right, but she was so horrible... something had to give. Me.

Wannabe Sybil said...

Janet - I can cope with this. Years ago I used to have to deal with judges/barristers/solicitors. They don't throw as impressive tantrums as a six year old (a few came close) but it was good training. I cave too much with sweeties. We all have our weaknesses. You sound lovely. I am probably more heartless. WS xxx