Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Keeping on keeping on

I have just realised how dull my blog is.  All the other blogs have recipes or ideas or patterns.  Mine just has wittering.

Today's witter is bear, again.  The plan today involves quite a bit of travelling.  We go into town to pick up a birthday present, then out to Headingley for the charity shopping - bear has double money.  Then we go out to Morrisons to pick up over £40 of groceries to get the 6p per litre off the petrol.  Then we meet with DH to go for a meal.  I think it will be the glamorous MacDonalds.  Bear suggested we took a taxi.  We are definitely taking the bus.  A taxi would be around four times the cost of the bus fare.

I suppose the blog is good for that, working out whether a deal is a good deal.  We are going to Morrisons anyway, as it is a good place to meet DH from work.  We will be able to manage £40 of groceries without blinking.  Sadly these days it is far too easy to rack up that amount.  Then we will have 6p off per litre off petrol at a Morrisons petrol station, which is where DH buys his petrol from anyway.

In the past we have had deals from Sainsburys for money off petrol, but it is so far out of the normal route that it isn't worth driving that far to get the petrol, we would  use all the benefit.  Getting the discount would only be worth it if it doesn't involve spending money we wouldn't otherwise.

There is another side to this.  It is more cost effective for me to get a grocery delivery than go shopping with bear.  Deep down I am wondering how much we will spend.  A full tank for DH, around every three to four weeks, is @ £50.  So a 6p per litre discount may well balance up against all the impulse buys.

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Angela said...

Your blog cannot be that boring or you wouldn't have any followers! We all go through different stages in life, and sometimes we are stuck in the 'hard slog-coping with kids -little time to bake or craft or whatever'
Don't worry about it - enjoy the pretty pictures on other peoples' blogs, and recognise your time to do that WILL come.
Back when I was busy with young family, I certainly found that the online shopping thing DID save money, and time [no impulse buys, no pleading voices pestering for stuff] Providing you take time to plan your list properly it is a really good system [and you can schedule delivery to suit YOU]

blessings xx