Thursday, 8 August 2013

Doing okay, actually...

First of all, darling uncle seems to be more or less coping.  I will see how it goes, and I am still calling three or four times per day, but the tablet situation seems to have been sorted out and I am cautiously optimistic about almost all of the rest.  I just need him to get some sort of mechanism to sort out getting a loaf.  There is a milkman who would deliver bread three times per week, but that is apparently not acceptable.  I am keeping my options open.

Morgan - I never pre-plan stupid shopping.  It just sort of happens.  The only consolation is that it is getting slightly better over time.  I am looking at the initial list of equipment and already feeling extremely dubious.  Thank goodness I didn't spend a lot on the book.

Angela - I have done some prodding and the chip fryer is also a halogen oven, so I should be okay to avoid buying.  This has come as a relief to me.  As for the mold, I am keeping my fingers crossed, the roof is now fixed, the easy bits within reach have all been bleached and the dehumifier is on all day and every day.  The central heating has also been fixed so that room will no longer be quite so cold and damp.  If the coming winter is as bad as the scare mongers are muttering about I am not guaranteeing anything about warm.  However it should be dry.

Bear is playing out while looking like he is the victim of extreme sleep deprivation.  However he got me up at 6.32 so I have no idea of how to get him more sleep which he seems to desperately need.  I am sure it will catch up at some point.  Probably after tears.

I put together the wardrobe for my room yesterday.  The cover is too small and I used the entire month's ration of rude words before the dratted thing tore but for less than £16 delivered I now have somewhere to hang my clothes.

I used the new fryer for the first time and it worked!  Tonight we are having egg and chips.  I will be cooking the eggs on a griddle without fat and using around a teaspoon of fat for all the chips so that has to be a good thing.

So things seem to be doing okay.

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