Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hello Saturday

I am exhausted, DH is shaky and tired and bear is on fast forward and this morning has made it his mission to argue that Black is White.

DF is now settling down for the start of the football season.  I believe kick off for his team is @ 1pm and by 1.30pm it will be illegal for him to operate heavy machinery.  For once I will let him off being incoherent by dinner time.  He does love his football.

It all could be worse.  Bear has let us off a trip to Headingley, though I will be required to cough over £20 next week as we missed this week.  I wonder whether I'll be able to carry it all home.

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Wean said...

It's amazing how fast these menfolk recover when football is around !! don't let them take you for a mug WS !! been there and done that. You need a rest too.