Friday, 20 September 2013

Bear Faced Fibs

The morning routine chugs along until Bear has to go and use the toilet, brush his teeth, wash his face etc and then scramble into uniform just before he leaves the house.  This is designed to allow the maximum chance of him getting out of the door looking presentable. I normally trust him to just get on with it.

This morning was no exception but I needed to use the facilities myself while bear got dressed.  I noticed that the junior loo seat was still in place.  Normally bear stands on the loo to brush his teeth so I asked bear, 'Have you brushed your teeth?'
'Of course,' bear said airily.
'Did you stand on the loo?'
'I'm tall enough to manage without that.' Bear said confidently.

I went back into the bathroom and checked his toothbrush.
'Bear, your toothbrush is dry!'
'I did brush my teeth.  I just dried the toothbrush afterwards!'

I'm going to have to do closer supervision again.

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