Friday, 6 September 2013

Spending money again

I have a large glass jar that I keep 'treats' in.  I keep small bags of haribo, fruit bottles and Guzzle Puzzles there.  It is reserved for the lower fat, lower sugar, sometimes has good stuff in it treats.  Bear doesn't get free rein, but he usually gets stuff from there if he asks.  This morning the lid cracked completely across.

I wasn't surprised.  When I bought the jar the first time it fell off the shop counter and smashed into very tiny fragments.  I had to get another one off the shelf and decided to keep it out of the kitchen after that.  Now the lid is gone I don't think I will take the risk with the very large jar.  However I will not be looking for a direct replacement.  Instead I shall look for a replacement that fits in with the waste bins as the treat jar is kept in the living room.  I shall enjoy doing that shopping.  I shall also scratch together a Tesco order as they are doing an extremely good offer on Famous Grouse.

I have paid out for a cut and blow for going out tomorrow, so that haircut will keep me going until Christmas.   Finally I have been to the school to make a payment.

Yesterday I asked bear, 'Do you need milk money this term?' as I knew it would cut off at a certain age.
'Yes,' bear replied, not really paying attention.
'Why didn't you tell me?'
'I forgot.'
'How much is it?'
'Erm, four or five pounds.  Can I go on the computer?'

In a few years time bear will be airily saying as he goes to bed, 'by the way, mum, I need to be dressed as a lettuce tomorrow.' or similar.  This is normal for boys, but I am not impressed.  I went to the school and paid for the year (£5 per term, actually, which was nearly what bear said).  There is no more milk money to pay after this year, so I won't have to worry about that.

Finally I need to brace and get the train tickets.  That is going to be a steep one.


Angela said...

If you ask in your local newsagent/sweet shop they may give you a large plastic jar for free. You
can always decorate it to improve its appearance [and it won't smash!] xx

Wannabe Sybil said...

That is an idea worth considering! 'Not smash' is a really selling point! I've been looking at old tobacco jars on ebay, some of them look okay, or old wooden biscuit barrels. I am also considering 'put them in a cupboard so out of sight, out of mind' as a tactic lol! Thanks for the idea. WS xxx