Thursday, 26 September 2013

Funeral Home Coffee Morning

The Funeral Home at the end of the street had a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer this morning.  It's a day early but it had to fit in with various annual leave and commitments to the business.

It was really lovely, we had a nice chat, some gorgeous cakes and a very pleasant cup of tea.  They are now firmly on my 'places to call in for a cup of gossip' list.  Sadly there weren't many attending.  In fact I think we were the first.  It was such a shame as the cakes were amazing!  I bought some raffle tickets as well.

The house is slowly getting emptier. I got rid of a couple of bin bags yesterday.  I am having a bit of a pause because I want to see if DF wants the tools/wallpapering kit that I have found, but his room is stuffed with 'stuff' for the table top sale.  Today I plan to attack ironing, but this evening I plan to sort through the books.
Sorting through the books is going to be interesting.  I am trying to organise a 'Sunday afternoon is reading time' slot, because we have a lot of books, we really want to read them, but we never seem to get around to it.  So I am trying to lever in reading time.  It will be good for bear as well.  Negotiations are ongoing about him reading at home.  Last year his teacher let him off reading at home as he reads at bedtime.  This year I think he needs to step up.

He also needs to research American Indian animals.  It's the start of 'computer based homework' isn't it?  I could take him into town, look at books and make some notes.  However it is so much easier to look at Wikipedia.

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